About us

Editage, a division of Cactus Communications, was founded in April 2002. Editage is a leading provider of specialist English-language and scientific communication solutions to authors, journals, publishers, and corporations worldwide.

At CACTUS, in everything we do, we want to accelerate the development of global scientific research, by helping science break through the confines of geography and language. To this end, we partner with scientific, academic, and pharmaceutical communities worldwide and leverage the expertise of 1400+ professionals to create compelling, high-quality scientific communications.

Our Partners

SPIE ELSEVIER Society for General Microbiology Editage Partner ALAYA Biotech East hibrain.net MyOpenArchive Amelia Members Club Waseda International Kyoto University Press Equity Editors Association Editage Partner Janapese Society for Root Research

Partner with us

Becoming an Editage partner is convenient and rewarding! Our partnership programs enable publishing companies, academic societies, journals, as well as other organizations, institutions, resellers, or individuals to expand their service bouquet and increase the revenues earned through their websites.

We offer 3 partnership options:

Powered by Editagereseller program

Powered by Editage is a flexible reselling program that can be customized to suit your needs and site/sales structure. Services can be co-branded (Editage + partner's brand) or offered exclusively under the Editage brand, via the affiliate partner's website. Partners can earn commissions and thus increase site revenue. Editage manages all aspects of service delivery.

How will this program benefit you? To learn more, mail us at Inquiry at Editage.com

Partner-branded reseller program

The partner-branded reseller program is ideal for those looking to expand their service bouquet, because it enables partners to sell Editage services under their own brand. Service, delivery, and payment structure can be customized to match each partner's needs. Partners can:

  • Expand their service offerings by providing self-branded, customized editing, translation, and publication support services to clients and visitors via their websites
  • Earn commissions and thus increase site revenue

How will this program benefit you? To learn more, mail us at Inquiry at Editage.com

Editage referral program

The Editage referral program allows any organization or individual to refer Editage services via a referral link on their website. Referrers can:

  • Earn commissions for referrals through banner ads placed on their websites
  • Offer their visitors/clients discounts on editing services via coupon codes

To know more, mail us at Inquiry at Editage.com

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