Publication Ethics
A paper has a greater chance of publication when it involves a full-scale study, rather than a fragment of a larger study. Read more to learn about the practice of “salami slicing.”
External funding is often essential for successful research. The importance of grant-writing skills is increasing, because the pressure to publish is putting a strain on resources and funding is now...
Grammar and Writing
Journal publishing, especially that related to publishing STM journals, which is jargon for ‘science, technology, medicine,’ is dominated by a few publishers from USA, Britain, and Europe, and...
Artwork Design
Case: One of our clients had sent us his manuscript to edit. During the edit, our editor made a suggestion that the significance of the findings could be clearer if the data was presented in the form...
Submission and Peer Review
Indeed, China’s academic publishing industry is thriving, offering its scholars thousands of journals to publish in. However, when benchmarked against journals from English-speaking countries
Highlights the case of a "reviewing ring" that eventually led to as many as 60...
My paper has been accepted by a journal and is published online. However, a...

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