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By Marisha Fonseca | April 14, 2014
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Average: 3.3
Currently, many journal articles contain statistical flaws.  Journal editors and researchers are becoming increasingly concerned with the incorrect... Read more
By Yateendra Joshi | April 07, 2014
Under Publications | 1,380 Views
Average: 4.2
Poor English can prevent acceptances from top-tier international journals at the cost of valuable research. But, who should do the job of copy-... Read more
By Yateendra Joshi | April 05, 2014
Under Publications | 1,309 Views
Average: 3
In this article, published by Learned Publishing, the author questions the relevance and utility of the minutiae that style guides insist on.  Read more
By Clarinda Cerejo | April 04, 2014
Under Publications | 1,577 Views
Average: 5
What challenges do East Asian authors face in the publication process and what perceptions do journal editors have of submissions from East Asian... Read more
By Ravi Murugesan | March 25, 2014
Under Publications | 794 Views
Average: 3.9
This article discusses tips for journal editors who are non-native English speakers and interested in transitioning their journal from a regional... Read more
By Marisha Fonseca | December 30, 2013
Under Publications | 256 Views
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Available here is the published report on the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Find out more about the trending topics at... Read more