Submission and Peer Review
Getting your work published in a peer-reviewed journal almost always involves revising your manuscript at least once. It's not unusual for a contributor to Polar Research, the journal 
English Communication
Tired of all those irrelevant hits you get when you search for a term in an online search engine? Let me mention two simple ways to ensure that the "hits" are relevant...
Manuscript Structure
In this 4-minute video snippet, Bruce Dancik sums up the bare essentials that a manuscript must have in order to make it comprehensible for the reader/referee. He also points out a few things that...
Grammar and Writing
Offers some tips on generating text, that is on accomplishing the actual task of writing.
Publication Ethics
Research papers go through a long and thorough process of peer review so that the published papers are free of errors and mistakes. Despite this, sometimes some errors may remain
Style and Format
As a result of technological developments and the increasing importance of article-level metrics, social media have become a valid source of information. There are generally three ways you can cite...
The Editor of the journal to which I have submitted my paper, has written to me...
This post suggests a few language-related strategies for researchers to explain...

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