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By Nikhil Pinto | April 23, 2014
Under Publications | 6,351 Views
Average: 4
Common errors to look out for in medical papers
The author describes common errors with style encountered in his editorial practice. These range from seemingly trivial errors with capitalisation and italicisation to complex mistakes involving the use of the apostrophe in eponymous terms. Read more
By Mriganka Awati | April 15, 2014
Under Publications | 10,856 Views
Average: 3.7
What resources would help author’s editors working on scientific manuscripts perform their tasks more efficiently? This article published in Learned Published presents an experience-based opinion on such tools. Read more
By Marisha Fonseca | April 14, 2014
Under Publications | 5,473 Views
Average: 3.8
Currently, many journal articles contain statistical flaws.  Journal editors and researchers are becoming increasingly concerned with the incorrect reporting of Read more
By Yateendra Joshi | April 07, 2014
Under Publications | 4,311 Views
Average: 4.7
Poor English can prevent acceptances from top-tier international journals at the cost of valuable research. But, who should do the job of copy-editing such research papers? The author of this article published in Current Science raises important points surrounding editing and the research community in India.       Read more
By Yateendra Joshi | April 05, 2014
Under Publications | 4,094 Views
Average: 3
In this article, published by Learned Publishing, the author questions the relevance and utility of the minutiae that style guides insist on.  Read more
By Clarinda Cerejo | April 04, 2014
Under Publications | 4,899 Views
Average: 5
What challenges do East Asian authors face in the publication process and what perceptions do journal editors have of submissions from East Asian countries? This study, published in Learned Publishing, presents and discusses the survey results, highlight gaps in the perspectives of authors and journal editors, and make recommendations to bridge these gaps. Read more
By Ravi Murugesan | March 25, 2014
Under Publications | 5,679 Views
Average: 3.9
This article discusses tips for journal editors who are non-native English speakers and interested in transitioning their journal from a regional language to English.  Read more
By Marisha Fonseca | December 30, 2013
Under Publications | 4,447 Views
Average: 0
Available here is the published report on the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Find out more about the trending topics at this scholarly publishing event.  Read more


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