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By Sneha Kulkarni | January 19, 2017
Under Industry news | 9,935 Views
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Beall’s List of “predatory” publishers and journals no longer available
Scholarly Open Access, a popular blog that listed questionable journals and publishers, has recently been taken down. The blog was maintained by Jeffrey Beall since 2008 who is an academic librarian... Read More
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | September 30, 2016
Under Publication Ethics, Industry news | 1,801 Views
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OMICS acquires Canadian publishers
OMICS International, the India-based academic publisher, which is facing serious charges of unethical publishing practices and publishing junk science, has acquired two reputable Canadian publishing... Read More
By Kakoli Majumder | February 22, 2016
Under Publication Buzzwords | 5,854 Views
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Safeguarding yourself against predatory journals: A case study
Often, bogus or predatory journals send email invitations to authors to submit their articles, luring them with promises of quick publication. What happens when an author falls prey to such a bogus... Read More
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | October 23, 2015
Under Industry Experts | 4,054 Views
Interview with Richard Poynder, independent blogger/journalist
Richard Poynder is an independent journalist/blogger with a particular interest in open access and its perception and application across different sections of academia. In his blog—Open and Shut? —... Read More
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