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data fragmentation

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By Kakoli Majumder | January 15, 2016
Under Publication Ethics | 7,934 Views
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why you should not try to increase your publication count by salami slicing a single study into multiple papers
The pressure to publish or perish can make authors desperate to increase their publication count. However, being tempted to divide a single study and publish it as multiple articles can lead to... Read More
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By Anonymous | August 28, 2014
Under Publication Ethics | 7,917 Views
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I submitted a paper to a journal and it is very likely to be published. This paper includes a lot of experiment data and content: if I break them up, I can write 3 papers. However, I have not... Read More
By Editage Insights | December 18, 2013
Under Publication Ethics | 19,049 Views
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What is Salami Slicing in academic publishing? Why is it considered an unethical practice? Watch this video to learn more about the hazards of Salami Slicing and find out ways to avoid it. Read this... Read More