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Open Access Week

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By Editage Insights | October 31, 2016
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Good reads, October 2016
Some of you would agree that staying on top of the happenings in the scholarly world this month was no mean feat! To ensure that you didn’t miss out on any of the buzz, our team of editors has... Read More
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | October 23, 2015
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Interview with Richard Poynder, independent blogger/journalist
Richard Poynder is an independent journalist/blogger with a particular interest in open access and its perception and application across different sections of academia. In his blog—Open and Shut? —... Read More
By Editage Insights | October 20, 2015
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It's International Open Access Week! It's also the best time to talk to industry experts about anything related to open access.Here, Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief of Editage Insights, is in... Read More
By Sneha Kulkarni | October 19, 2015
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8th Open Access Week
Open Access Week is an annual global scholarly communication event organized by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). The main intent of this event, which started in 2008... Read More