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Save time and cost and scale up with Ada.

Say no to manual effort with instant readability checks! Ada integrates into your systems and checks all submissions in real time. Unlike other readability solutions, Ada is designed from ground up for scientific content to give you the accuracy you need.

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Intuitive algorithms

Ada has been specifically designed from scratch to assess scientific content. The rigorously tested algorithms give you the reliability you need.

API Integration

Integrate Ada into any application with minimal effort for real-time assessments using the powerful yet simple to implement API.

Readability and more

Go beyond assessing readability, with any number of custom text based checks you want, like ethical or commercial declarations.

Scan any submission

With raw text ingestion from your submission platform, Ada is file type agnostic.

Unmatched customization

From customizable content checks to assessment stringency, Ada can be customized to your every need. You can even customize Ada for each paper type!

Power when you need it

Ada can auto-scale to your volumes, giving you the power to scale up without compromising on efficiency.

No restrictions

Customize Ada to incorporate data from other systems for assessments. For example, you can pass on iThenticate SI to include plagiarism checks in assessments.


We understand the confidentiality of your data. All data are processed on a secure cloud infrastructure with a fully customizable data retention period.

All you need, in one place

Ada examines over 15 writing quality parameters to give you a rich report of the writing quality along with a single, easy-to-assimilate rating. Even better, Ada can work with other tools, like iThenticate,  to give you a consolidated report in one go. You can even customize the report the way you want.

All this, with just one API call and Ada does the rest for you!

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Why Ada?

The volume of manuscript submissions doubles about every 15 years. The compound annual growth rate of just biomedical research is about 3.5%. With submission volumes increasing dramatically and about 30% of submissions being rejected, journals incur massive amounts of wastes of time and cost. Ada can help you, the publisher, cut down on time and cost spent on desk rejections, enabling you to scale up your business while maintaining a good turnaround time for your authors.

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