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Cutting-edge AI meets the world
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Whether you're drafting your manuscript, conducting data analysis, or preparing to present
your findings, our suite of AI tools is designed to support you every step of the way.

  • AI Academic Writing
  • AI Literature Review
  • Scientific Illustrations
  • Journal Finder

Unlimited use of AI Academic Writing Assistant

Need help with writing? Our AI academic writing assistant provides real-time English suggestions to accelerate your writing. Learn More
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Language Suggestions
Paperpal improves academic writing clarity without altering citations, equations, or technical terms
AI Writing
Brainstorm ideas, get outlines and titles, create abstracts, summaries, study highlights, or craft powerful emails to journals with a click
Get science-backed answers to your questions from 250M+ research articles as you write
Plagiarism Checks
Get similarity score, colour-coded results and side-by-side comparisons to sources


Paraphrase text to improve clarity and tone
Accurate paraphrasing that retains the meaning of your work, helps meet journal-prescribed word 
counts & maintains a formal tone
Pre-submission checks to avoid desk rejection
Comprehensive submission readiness report along with 30+ 
language checks and technical checks
High quality academic translations for your text
Context-sensitive translations from 25+ foreign languages to English, letting you focus on your research while we polish your writing
Contextual synonyms for better vocabulary
Relevant synonym suggestions that are validated based on published literature and that improve the clarity of your text

Unlimited access to 14+ tools and services for every research stage

Includes most advance AI tools for research

Services that empower academics at every step of research journey

Big savings on expert services

Why Opt for Editage's AI-Powered Tools?
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Proven reliable through rigorous research and trusted by experts
Dedicated Customer Support
Round-the-clock customer assistance for personalized support and timely issue resolution
Certified Data Security
Standards ensuring data protection and compliance with certified security measures
Budget Friendly
Convenient, customized, monthly billing plans for flexible payment arrangements
Comprehensive suite of
All-encompassing range of AI solutions for diverse research needs and challenges
Native Language Support
Native language support available for seamless communication across diverse geographies
Academics trust us globally
Words improved till date
Research papers available
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Success stories from researchers

  • Paperpal provides context-sensitive suggestions

    "What I love about Paperpal is that it has an element of context sensitivity. It understands the context in which the content is written and then gives suggestions.”

    Prabhu Palanichamy

    Ph.D student

    profile image
  • Real time edits by which always saves time

    “The best thing about Paperpal Word is that you get edits in real-time , and not when you’re done writing your document”

    Salwindi Notulu

    Lecturer and Researcher

    profile image
  • Excellent app for researchers

    “Incredibly well thought out app. Makes scanning through multiple research articles a breeze. The concept search feature takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. Highly recommend it!”

    Rads Sharma


    profile image
  • R for Researcher Savior

    “I’m glad I stumbled upon this product. It has been really easy sailing through the tiring part of searching and filtering through an overwhelming number of publications with R Discovery. A HUGE recommendation for researchers globally.”

    Gayatri Prasanth


    profile image
  • Mind The Graph inspires me to become creative

    “I find what i want in the best resolution possible. Also mind the graph inspires me to become creative in my ways regarding data presentation”

    Sara Elsafy

    Student at RWTH Aachen

    profile image
  • Everything you need as a young Researcher

    “I love the art, it's super practicle, easy, beautifull. I recomend it to everyone. It's simply everything I need as a young researcher”

    Barbara Berg


    profile image

Trusted By Top Universities, Publishers And Academic Writers from more than 130 countries

Other popular tools from Editage to help you meet your publication goals

AI Journal Finder


Find the most relevant journals that match your research, from a list of over 43,000 journals.



AI Literature Review

Access one of the largest scholarly content repositories with 250Mn+ research papers.

AI Writing Assistant


Get real-time English suggestions to accelerate your writing.

Ask R Discovery


Get factual answers validated from 250M+ scientific and medical research repositories.



Plagiarism Checker

Get similarity score, colour-coded results and side-by-side comparisons to sources.

Pre-submission Checker

Identify missing declarations and common language issues prior to first submission.

Scientific Illustration tool

Create science figures, graphical abstracts and infographics for your research.

Unlimited access to all tools and services for $149/year

Includes advance AI tools for research

Services for every research stage

Big savings on expert services

Have you used an AI tool and need an expert review?

Whether it's editing, peer review, or specialized subject assistance, our team will support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Will my Paperpal edited document be flagged by AI detectors?

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    What content will I find on R Discovery?

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    Is R Discovery free or a paid app/product?

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    Can I publish infographics I create with Mind the Graph? How do I cite them?

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    Can I use Mind the Graph for free?

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    Do I need to pay to request an illustration?

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