3 Benefits of Investing In Translation Services

The purpose of any language is communication. However, with over 1000 spoken and written languages in the world, to a non-speaker, a language can divide instead of bridge. Translation plays a pivotal role in bridging this divide. All authors, book authors and academic researchers, have much to gain from getting their ideas and research translated. Translation is a special skill and must be done by professionals and experts who understand the topic of your writing. If you are an author, hiring a good online translation service would be a smart investment. Here’s how!

1. Speak to a global audience

Your readership will increase by many folds and will not be limited by geography.

By getting your book or research paper translated into another language, you are increasing your readership. A book written in German will mainly be sold in Germany and will be picked up only by readers fluent in German. If that book is translated to Japanese, your readership increases and you acquire a new audience - one that speaks Japanese and still understands the content. However, if you translate your book into English or Spanish, you can capture a significantly large part of the global population. Hiring a translation service to translate your paper into one of the major languages of the world, such as English, Spanish, or Chinese will help you communicate your ideas to a global audience.

2. Collaborate internationally

You will have the opportunity to work on transnational issues.

Research institutes, think tank organisations, and universities should consider hiring a translation service provider as they stand to gain a lot from translating important data into another language. Translation of research papers can open doors to a wide range of international collaborations. Exchange programs and institutional partnerships can reap benefits such as access to foreign equipment and infrastructure, sharing costs and risks, and, in some cases, access to indigenous populations. Translation can do wonders for researchers as well. You can communicate your work to fellow researchers in other countries, and through international collaborations, you get to learn and experience a new culture. Besides, international collaborations look great on a resume!

3. Increased reach to practitioners who don’t speak your native language

Language should not hinder the impact of new research.

If your research paper on genetics is written in Japanese, its immediate audience is in Japan, followed by those in the world who are fluent in Japanese. However, your research results are likely to be significant for practitioners all over the world, not just in Japan. The larger global scholarly community need not miss out your research due to a language barrier that can be easily solved by one of the many online translation services. Language should not be a factor that prevents new findings from reaching practitioners in that discipline.   


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