How Translation Services Work

Some translation agencies only serve one language pair others offer multilingual translation services. Irrespective of the translation service provider you choose, here’s breakdown of what you should expect.

Point of Contact
Typically, you will be assigned a client manager or customer service representative who will serve as the point of contact and your project manager. A good client manager will listen to your needs, address your concerns, and not hesitate to customize the services to meet your needs. A client-centric translation services provider will try to meet your specifications in terms of price and delivery time.

Service Selection
Most translation agencies offer a range of translation services. The translation level suggested by the client manager will depend on the purpose of your document and the intended audience. If you require a general document like a manual to be translated, a simple translation followed by a proofreading should suffice. If you need to translate a research paper or a book, you should opt for a translation service designed for academic manuscripts. Academic translation should include editing to ensure the translated manuscript follows the rules and style of the target language. 

Quotation and Account Creation
If the price quoted for the service is within your budget and you decide to submit your document and if the agency is a reputable one, you will be asked to make an account on their online job management system so that you can submit your document safely and make payments securely.

Translation Process
Again, good translation agencies will take the necessary measures to ensure quality and efficiency at every step. Once you upload your document, it should be assigned to a translator who has knowledge about the subject area of your document. Depending on the service type selected, the translated document may undergo proofreading or an in-depth editing. If you chose academic translation, your paper should undergo 2 rounds of translation to ensure accurate translation and 2 round of editing to ensure correct usage of the target language. Any specifications such as formatting or word count reduction should also be taken care of at the editing stage.

Post-translation Support
Professional translation agencies will also allow you to communicate with the translator after your receive the final document. You should be able to ask the translator to explain the changes made or even reword a paragraph if you are not satisfied. Your relation with the translation service provider should not end with the delivery of the translated document. The translation agency should provide you with assistance until you are satisfied.


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