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Empower your entire lab to contribute to faster publication

Why register for Editage for Labs?

Develop your lab's writing skills using Editage learning resources

Researchers typically spend several hours reviewing the English in papers written by their colleagues or junior researchers. Editage for Labs helps your lab publish faster and smarter by giving all your lab members access to e-books, webinars, and workshops that help them write better English, thereby reducing the need for constant review and revision.

Share edited papers with your co-authors in real time

Groundbreaking research is the result of successful collaboration! Editage for Labs helps your lab members collaborate more effectively by giving the author an option to automatically share the edited paper with co-authors, even when he or she does not have access to Internet or Email.

Centralize payments and discover the convenience of prepayment

Successful research labs often delegate all payments for editing services to a single lab member or to a secretary. Editage for Labs enables your lab to follow this practice, through its “Payment Manager” feature. Your payment manager can also use “Editage Card,” a secure and convenient prepayment tool, to pay for multiple jobs at once.

Save money through special Editage discounts

Managing a lab budget is never easy, but Editage for Labs is here to help! Under Editage for Labs, all your lab members receive special discounts on all editing services, which increase with the number of submissions you make.

Discover new ways to manage your lab

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Editage for labs? Who should register for this program?

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    Editage for labs—How many authors/researchers do you need to form and register as a group? What happens after registration?

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    Can I add members who are not Editage clients to my lab?

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    My lab members and I have some questions/concerns regarding Editage for labs, how can we contact you?

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    Who will make the payments for the submissions from the group?

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    I am part of a lab group; however, I do not want to submit my paper through the labs account!

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