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Our in-depth Scientific Editing goes beyond language editing. It offers greater focus on your research content, finding a senior expert in your field of study to refurbish your manuscript, and ensuring that your paper meets standards of top journal publishing. Tailor-made to provide premium scientific editing solutions, you experience the ease of getting published with a special publishing team for content, language and journal guidance directed by three senior experts and a scientific reviewer who doubles as your publishing mentor and guide. You can enhance the quality of your article in just six days, with unlimited re-editing support for 365 days!

The terrific-three combination for your winning scientific manuscript

Each Scientific Editing project is managed by three industry experts, who are responsible for a thorough technical review that improves your paper on various counts of structure, presentation and logic, in addition to expert editing that lends your manuscript a native English tone and presentation.

The Scientific Reviewer

The Editage Scientific Reviewer has years of experience working as a peer reviewer for high-impact international journals. Many of Editage’s Scientific Reviewers are published researchers and academic authors.

The Premium Editor

Editage’s Premium Editors are industry experts, delivering scientific and academic language editing according to international journal standards. They collectively have 20 years of editorial experience.

The Managing Editor

Editage’s Publication Experts are highly trained senior members of its in-house team comprising Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors, and Senior Associate Editors. This team is handpicked based on their seniority and experience in the publication industry

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Your journey to publication success

  • Our Customer Experience Expert gets in touch with you after your manuscript upload
  • We build an action plan after understanding your unique manuscript requirements
  • A senior Project Manager carefully chooses a team for your project
  • Edits your paper for language, clarity, structure, and logic
  • Formats your document according to target journal guidelines
  • A Scientific Reviewer conducts a thorough technical review
  • Senior Publication Experts perform plagiarism and journal readiness tests
  • You get an English edited manuscript, Scientific Review report, plagiarism check report, and journal submission report
  • You proceed to submission or make further revisions, after which your paper will undergo re-editing before finalizing the manuscript, as many times as you like!
  • Peer Review experts evaluate and edit your journal responses and make necessary changes in your paper as per journal feedback
  • If you decide to submit elsewhere, please resubmit your paper with instructions for whether a content review is needed

Scientific Review report

The Scientific Review report synthesizes the evaluations of all three experts, offering a comprehensive content review and journal readiness assessment.

It enables you to

  • Determine whether your article fits the target journal's scope of publication.
  • Get Peer experts’ counsel to improve the foreword, abstract, study design / data / methodology, research discussions, and conclusions.
  • Increase chances of acceptance by getting vital guidance on adhering to top journal standards of publication.

Journal Requirements

Section Assessment Comments
The title page contains the title and all author information, including the complete contact details Of the corresponding author. No The title page was absent. please ensure that a title page is added including the relevant information: for each author his or her name, affiliation (job title) at the time the paper was written, email and, for the corresponding author, the contact address.
The paper is in the format preferred by the journal (MS word, PDF, TeX). Yes The document is in MS Word.
All figures and tables have been prepared in the correct format and in keeping with the journal's requirements. NA Figures and tables were not included.
In-text citations and references correspond to each other and are accurate. Yes/ NA In-text citations were appropriately presented in Vancouver style. The reference list was not included. Please be sure to include a reference list in Vancouver style.
- Yes In-text citations have been

Literature Review and Research Rationale

The introduction (including the literature review) is somewhat short. Whilst BMJ suggests a succinct introduction, they recommend three paragraphs. This section would benefit from expansion. Suggestions are provided below.

Recommendation 1. It is mentioned that the outcomes Of THA With the studied stem are reported to be good in Caucasian patients. Although the authors State that the outcomes may not be the same in Japanese patients, the rationale behind this is not indicated. Are there physiological differences that would lead you to expect a difference? Are the types Of osteoarthritis that require THA different in Caucasian patients? Please elaborate on the reasoning for carrying out the study.

Recommendation 2. It is stated that the stem investigated in the study was designed to achieve stable fixation by metaphyseal fit. The introduction would benefit from a brief discussion Of the limitations Of other stems - for example, is it difficult to achieve stable fixation using Other stems? IS the Anatomic Fiber Metal plus stem considered superior to Other stems?

Study Design or Methodology

As the study was addressing a very specific question in a defined population, the study design was appropriate. It may be informative

Want to increase your chances of publication?

*T&C apply- We accept a maximum of 20 service requests every month

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As an opinion paper, there were not so many options to publish. The editions, and comments let us to have new corrected versions that let of to be published.

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The paper edited by a reviewer was a good-shaped and finally could be accepted by a prestigious journal. Thank you for your work.

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The experience was very good and the premium editing was very helpful. Thank you!

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Joanna Kowalska

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Great service! The comments from the editor really help me guide my writing and how I shape my argument. It is one of the best features of this service. Dr. Luigi Schiavo, Nutrizionist, Second University of Naples

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Luigi Schiavo

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I was supported by Editage team through the whole process of preparing the manuscript. Thank You!

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Yes, editage did advanced editing for our manuscript. They did a good job and our paper is accepted for publication

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It was really nice to work with you. I am planing to ask your help again for my following paper.

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Thank you very much for the Editage team. Actually, this is the first time to become the corresponding author. The acceptance of this manuscript is so fast. It took only 1.5 months. Regards

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