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With a team of seasoned experts, we offer a comprehensive suite of research services tailored to meet your every need.

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Services which have helped millions of researchers get published.

  • English Editing
  • Publication Support
  • Academic Translations
Our team of expert English editors, top-journal peer reviewers, and PhD subject specialists pour their expertise into perfecting your manuscript, so that you can focus on getting it published.

Advanced Editing

For sentence-level editing & few revisions before and after journal submission

  • Editing certificate
  • Journal formatting
  • Unlimited re-editing at $0.02/word
  • Unlimited free chat with your editor
  • 2 experts dedicated to your project

Premium Editing

For authors targeting publication in top ranking journals and multiple revisions

  • All Advanced Editing features, plus:
  • Cover letter creation
  • 1 FREE round of Plagiarism check
  • Response letter crosscheck at $0.02/word
  • Unlimited FREE re-editing
  • 2 experts dedicated to your project

Scientific Editing


For targeting top impact journals & seeking technical advice from top peer-reviewers

  • All Premium Editing features, plus:
  • Scientific Review Report
  • Response letter crosscheck
  • 4 subject matter experts dedicated to each project
  • Peer reviewers from Nature, Cell, BMJ, PNAS, PlosONE, NEJM, etc
  • Unlimited rounds of Plagiarism Check

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Advanced Editing

Premium Editing

Scientific Editing Pro

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Why is Editage your perfect research companion?
22 Years of Publication Experience
Over two decades of crafting Research Solutions for diverse needs, delivering excellence consistently.
24*7 Support Available in 
Native Language
We are working round the clock to ensure your publication success. We respond to all enquiries within one hour.
100% Money Back

If you are not satisfied with our quality, we will refund your entire editing fees. No questions asked.
Certified Data Security Standards
We use ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified security systems.
Free Unlimited Chat Consultations
Get every question about your assignment answered by the experts who worked on your manuscript.
Researcher Focused AI Capabilities
AI-enabled tools to improve manuscript correctness & quality
Start your publication success journey with Editage today!
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For every subject, across any domain, we’ve got you covered

Medicine Sciences
200+ Subjects
800+ Experts
470,000+ Papers
Life Sciences
100+ Subjects
800+ Experts
280,000+ Papers
Physical Engineering
250+ Subjects
1000+ Experts
420,000+ Papers
Social Sciences
800+ Subjects
1000+ Experts
300,000+ Papers
Business & Economics
200+ Subjects
1000+ Experts
75,000+ Papers

We cater to your document types

Research paper/Journal Article


Manuscript for a book

Case Reports


Paper for a Conference

Other Documents

Success stories from researchers

  • My manuscript was accepted in just 1.5 months!

    “Thank you very much for the Editage team. Actually, this is the first time to become the corresponding author. The acceptance of this manuscript is so fast. It took only 1.5 months.”

    Obie Farobie


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  • Editage helped me publish two articles and complete my PhD

    “Without Editage, I cannot imagine that I could publish two articles and complete my Ph.D. course. A great job and a great cost-benefit. I have tried other service company but they are not even closer to Editage Service.”

    Hirohisa Shimura

    Adjunct Professor, Temple University Japan

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  • After using Editage, I never experienced rejection

    “Editage is very punctual. After using Editage, I never experienced rejection about English language of my manuscript.”

    Cem Kurt

    Professor at Trakya University

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  • Allows me to devote more energy to scientific research

    “Multiple rounds of reply letter review is a service I like very much. Someone helps to check the returned articles and reply to the journal editor, which allows me to devote more energy to scientific research.”


    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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All expert services from Editage researcher platform

Pick from 17 expert services which are tailored for researchers

English Editing


Refine your manuscript to native English standards with our experts to ensure language excellence and avoid rejection.

Graphical Abstract


Get a ready-to-submit graphical abstract that meets your target journal journal's requirements.

Research Promotion

Our top-notch team of graphic designers, illustrators, and scientific writers empowers you to visually communicate your research.

Journal Selection

Find the right journal for your research 
publication from our extensive database of 43,000+ journals.

Literature Search

Engage an expert to efficiently search, compile, and tailor literature to bolster your research, including offering evidence-based answers, compiling relevant papers, and summarizing findings.

Academic Translations


Overcome language barriers in research with our expert translation services, ensuring your work reaches a global audience.

Peer Impact

Convert your research into visually and textually captivating formats to reach peers and experts in your field.

Abstract Editing

Create clear, concise and impactful abstracts that emphasise your research's key points with our expert service.

Peer Review

Make your manuscript submission-ready with our peer review service, providing targeted feedback from experts in your field.

Case Report Editing

Our native english editors improve the language of your case report and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Statistical Analysis

Get detailed data analysis and expert insights 
to ensure your research is accurate and trustworthy.

Thesis Editing

Ensure your dissertation is error-free and submission-ready with our professional editing services.

Poster Creation

Get posters for academic conferences that are visually appealing and make your research stand out.

Artwork Formatting

Get publication-ready visuals that are customised to meet the specifications of your journal, ensuring seamless acceptance.

Journal Submission

Make journal submissions stress-free with our comprehensive service, ensuring all criteria are precisely met.

Publication Support

Get end-to-end access to publication and research support services to get published in top journals.

Funder Impact

Our tailored plan communicates your work to policymakers and investors, ensuring you attract the attention needed for funding.

Media Impact

Enhance research visibility with professional press notes for media, distributed globally to widen reach.

1M+ researchers have fulfilled their research dreams with us.
Come join them.

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