Video Summaries

What video products do you offer?

  1. Video Summaries: 2-4 min custom videos that summarize the full story of research through text, graphics, audio, narration, and animation. These highlight the scientific idea explored, methodology, study findings, and future implications.
  2. Video Teasers: 1-2 min videos that draw audiences to the research by highlighting the scientific idea explored, study findings, and future implications.

What deliverables will you give?

Editage will make it very easy for authors, publishers, and/or institutions to spread the word by providing:

  1. Embed code that be used to host the video on author, journal, or institutional webpage (which can then be shared and promoted)
  2. Link to the uploaded video on Editage YouTube channel page
  3. Video files (in multiple formats), audio files, and transcript for reuse
  4. List of keywords for SEO and general tips for promotion
  5. High-quality images created for the video for re-use in PPTs
  6. Video usage/engagement analytics

No matter where you host your video (journal page, author’s personal webpage, department page, etc.) you’ll receive detailed metrics on viewership.

How long does it take to make a video?

A video summary typically takes between 3 and 4 weeks to get done, while a video teaser is shorter, needing about 1 to 2 weeks.

How will you track engagement? What metrics will you provide?

We will offer exhaustive metrics that give you a clear sense of the viewership (who, where, when) and of their engagement (how). We will provide these by sharing analytics from a secure third-party hosting platform and integration with platforms that track publication impact (shares, downloads, cites).

Will you promote my video?

Most definitely! Editage will promote the videos it makes by:

  • uploading them on social platforms like YouTube,
  • hosting them on our English-language site ( and directing traffic from the Editage customer base across markets to the page, and
  • announcing their launch on Editage social media accounts.

At the same time, we also encourage you to reach out to your network and the broader community and share links to your video on the journal, institutional, or personal pages.

What do you need from me to make a video summary/teaser?

Apart from your published paper, our writers and animators will find any of the items mentioned below useful to work on your video:

  • Original, high-resolution figure or image files
  • Supplementary tables and figures, if any
  • Resources besides the manuscript such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, and relevant previous papers that can help create the video