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Journal Submission Services for Research Papers

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Journals can have complex systems and processes. For a busy researcher, meeting all the journal submission requirements could prove complicated and time-consuming. At Editage, we have experts who can help you with this. Simply send us your manuscript with all the necessary information, and we will handle the rest.

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What can our journal submission specialists do for you?

Our publication experts understand the technical requirements for submission. They will

  • Format your manuscript to the journal submission guidelines.
  • Recommend additional services pre- and post-submission, as required.
  • Draft a cover letter addressed to the journal editor.
  • Create an account for you in the journal’s submission system and complete the entire submission process.

If you want our support to continue after journal submission (e.g., incorporating changes after you receive the journal’s decision, or managing resubmission), choose our Gold or Platinum Publication Support Packs.

Save time and effort

Journal submission services provide busy researchers like you with your own assistant to navigate complex submission procedures. Editage has experts who will understand the journal submission checklist and help you meet all the requirements to prepare your journal article for submission. Our expert will collect all the information required and fill the journal submission form on your behalf.

Every journal has its own submission format, and our expert will format your paper according to your target journal’s instructions for authors. Our expert will also draft a journal submission cover letter addressed to the editor.

Services Related to Journal Submission
Journal Selection Service

Our expert will go over your manuscript and recommend 3 to 5 journals that are most suitable for it. Your will also receive a Journal Selection Report, which will explain the expert’s reasons for recommending each journal as well as share important metrics about the journal, such as acceptance rate, journal type, journal submission cost, response time, and more.

Resubmission Support Service

For end-to-end research paper publication support, we offer resubmission support under the Gold and Platinum Packs. If your paper receives reviewer comments from the journal, we will check the revised manuscript to ensure it meets journal requirements, draft a new cover letter, and submit your responses and revised paper to the same journal. On the other hand, if your paper is rejected by the journal, we will submit your paper to a new target journal at a 30% discounted price of the Journal Submission fee.

Artwork Preparation Service

We also offer services that help you prepare your artwork, i.e., your diagrams, illustrations, images, graphs, and other visual elements, for publication. Our designers will format/revise your artwork to meet the journal’s technical requirements, while an expert editor will check your artwork for consistency and technical accuracy.

Manuscript Editing Services

These academic editing services will ensure that the language quality in your paper is ready for submission to any reputed English-language journal.

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Frequently asked questions

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