Get Post-acceptance/Resubmission Support beyond journal submission

Resubmission Support

Get support beyond journal submission

If your paper receives reviewer comments, our publication experts will

  • Check the revised manuscript to ensure it meets journal requirements.
  • Draft a new cover letter.
  • Submit your responses and revised paper to the same journal.

However, if your paper gets rejected, we will help you submit your paper to another journal of your choice at a 30% discounted charge of the Journal submission fee. Our publication professionals will

  • Reformat your manuscript according to the guidelines of the new journal you choose.
  • Provide you with a new cover letter.
  • Submit your paper to the new journal.

NOTE: This service is offered with our Gold and Platinum packs and will be available only if you have selected one of these packs.

This service is available only as part of the following Publication Support Packs
  •  Platinum Pack
  •  Gold Pack

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