We offer a choice of two video products.
Video Summaries

3-4 min custom videos that summarize the full story of your research through text, graphics, audio, narration, and animation by explaining

  • the scientific idea explored
  • main study findings
  • future implications, and
  • methodology
Video Teasers

1-2 min custom videos that make your science engaging and easy to understand for a broad audience of peers, colleagues, funders, and lay people by highlighting

  • the scientific idea explored
  • main study findings, and
  • future implications
How it works
You provide published paper and supporting information through a questionnaire.

Summary of the paper touching upon research background, methodology, and implications is written by a trained scientific writer.

Voiceover expert makes a polished audio recording of the summary.

Video is storyboarded by the graphics team, produced by the animation team, and sent to you for feedback.

You are given the final summary, links to video, and tips for easy online discoverability.

After your approval, the final video is uploaded, tagged online for promotion, and linked back to the published article.

Frequently asked questions