Infographic: 4 Common mistakes to avoid when writing a preliminary literature review

4 Common mistakes to avoid when writing a preliminary literature review

Writing a preliminary literature review is vital for research, but it's easy to stumble into common errors. In the following, we’ll address key mistakes to avoid, helping you build a strong foundation for your study.

1. Lack of focus

Failing to establish a clear focus or research question can lead to a scattered and confused literature review. Try to implement some focus techniques to get more quality time when writing.

2. Insufficient analysis

Merely summarizing existing literature without critically analyzing the findings and identifying gaps limits the value of the review. Put some effort into thoroughly analyzing every literature available.

3. Over-reliance on a single source

Relying heavily on a single source may introduce bias and limit the breadth of the literature review. Expand your limits with multiple trustful sources.

4. Poor organization

Inadequate structuring and organization can make the review confusing and difficult to follow, hindering the reader’s understanding. Creating a mind map might be a good way to start.


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