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Can you tell me the impact factor for this journal: ISSN: 2157-7633?

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Ethical authorship: Notes from the diary of a journal editor
At the beginning of each scholarly article, beneath the title, is a list of the authors. We get so used to writing our name, together with the names of our co-authors that we seldom give it much... Read More
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What a corresponding author should do after journal submission
The previous post explained the main duties of the corresponding author before a manuscript is submitted to the journal. This post talks about what a corresponding author should do after manuscript... Read More
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Dr. Tim Hunt is renowned for his work on cell cycle regulation for which he won the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Dr. Lee Hartwell and Dr. Paul Nurse. Dr. Hunt discovered cyclins, proteins that are crucial for mitosis and other cell cycle transitions. Before this, the focus of Dr. Hunt’s research was on the control of haemoglobin synthesis in red blood cells. After a long and successful academic career that culminated with him as a principal scientist at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK), Dr. Hunt is currently retired.

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