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What are the common types of scientific peer review?
Peer review as we know it today has evolved through the years to accommodate...
I am a graduate student wanting to pursue a career in research. I hear people...

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Capturing the essence of Peer Review Week 2018
This year, for Peer Review Week, the entire scholarly publishing community came together with gusto to celebrate the event and show their support for diversity in peer review. Feast your eyes on some... Read More
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Peer Review Week 2018: Good reads
Peer Review Week is one of the most exciting events for the scholarly community around the world. We hope you have been following Editage Insights’ Peer Review 2018 series where we have shared... Read More
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Emma Clayton is the Journal Manager for the Frontiers for Young Minds journal. She has been with the Young Minds team since 2016. Following an MRes in Ecology and Environmental management, she decided to enter the field of scientific communication. In her current role, she strives to ensure that scientific discoveries reach young audiences and that scientists are able to successfully communicate their work to wider and younger audiences.