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A brave new world: Countries embracing open data mandates for scientific progress

Jayashree Rajagopalan | Jun 29, 2015 | 268,645 views
Open data mandates across the globe

Science is becoming open and how! Gone are the days when researchers and institutions believed in keeping scientific data  behind strict and complex institutional paywalls, at the risk of losing invaluable scientific inputs. Today many funding bodies are realizing the benefits of open data and are implementing their own open data mandates to capitalize on the long-term benefits of data sharing through their own or external repositories. This post explores the fascinating area of open data mandates. It  briefly describes what open data means, shares examples of how more and more people in the publishing community are talking about it, and alludes to Mark Hahnel's six-stage data sharing journey that is being witnessed globally. It then proceeds to look at a few notable data sharing mandates imposed by major research prodicing countries across the globe. 

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