Q: A Scopus journal is on Beall’s predatory journal list

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Hello, I am thinking of submitting to a Scopus journal. This journal can be found in the SCOPUS database. The articles published in September of this journal can also be found in the SCOPUS database. But the publication's name appeared on Beall's List. So does this count as a predatory journal? Thank you very much!

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Thank you for your question. Beall’s list may not be subject to regular updates, and in such cases, you may see journals that were included in the list some years ago. Here’s an article that talks about how Scopus has tried to address this subject: https://www.elsevier.com/connect/the-guardians-of-scopus.

It’s difficult to say with certainty whether a particular journal listed in Beall’s list and also in the Scopus database is predatory or not. Going by the article cited above, if Scopus has decided to continue including the journal in its database, I’d say that there’s more reason to believe that it doesn’t engage in questionable practices any more. However, like I mentioned, there’s no way to say this for sure, so if you’re concerned about this aspect, you may want to consider a different journal for your submission.