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To contribute as a guest author, please contact us at with the following details:
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  2. Links to (or attachment with) at least two samples of your writing
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Our team of content writers includes people with varied professionals degrees and rich experience in academic writing, editing, publishing, and teaching. They have worked and/or continue to work as researchers; language instructors; journal editors; peer reviewers; and members of scholarly writing and publishing societies, like the Council of Science Editors (CSE), American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), Society for Technical Communication (STC), and European Medical Writers Association (EMWA).

  • Abhishek Goel

    Abhishek Goel

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    Abhishek Goel is co-founder of CACTUS and Chief Customer Officer at Editage. With his in-depth understanding of client expectations, business development skills, and tendency to think outside the box, he develops strategies for business growth and is responsible for helping people across the organization contribute to increased client happiness. 

  • Adam Nicely

    Adam Nicely

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    Adam Nicely has been with Wolters Kluwer since 2002. In that time, he has worked with Editorial Manager since nearly its infancy. His roles involving Editorial Manager include journal office user, support rep, product manager, and now manager of the Editorial Solutions team. In that time, he has on-boarded 50+ journals, resolved a countless number of support requests, created reviewer CME and open access processes, and developed a copyright transfer process. Adam looks to further develop the features of Editorial Manager while also simplifying the process for users. 

  • Aditya Vadrevu

    Aditya Vadrevu

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    MS, ELS – Senior Manager, Service & Quality at Editage. From publishing papers and attending conferences to being an editor and trainer, Aditya’s diverse professional experience enables him to make a significant contribution in his current role. He has a strong understanding of typical customer requirements and the service structure/delivery required to meet these expectations.

  • Alagi Patel

    Alagi Patel

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    Consultant Senior Writer and Editor. Alagi is from the U.S. and ardently believes that a strong global research community can accelerate human development. Drawing on her five-plus years of experience in network-building among researchers and publishing professionals, and in organizing scholarly events worldwide, she combines knowledge with an enthusiasm for writing to produce informative content that will help researchers at various stages of their careers. Previously, she worked for a leading math and science research institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Clay Mathematics Institute.

  • Amanda Sparks

    Amanda Sparks

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    Amanda Sparks is a professional blogger and dedicated writer and tutor from Atlanta, USA. She is the former psychology researcher and currently makes for a living as an independent blogger. Amanda is passionate about the educational system and loves inventing new hacks to make learning easier and more efficient. You can read her latest blog posts at

  • Anselmo Martyres

    Anselmo Martyres

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    Anselmo Martyres, BCom, ELS – Manager, Training, Editage. With over 5 years of experience in academic editing, Anselmo manages training operations of the editorial team and oversees quality and training in the translation team. As the quality manager of the translation team, Anselmo has been working with experienced translators to acquire an in-depth understanding of the academic translation industry.

  • Ashmita Das

    Ashmita Das

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    MBA – Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives Ashmita has worked as an editor and trainer, developed new services to expand the level of publication support for clients, and managed new products. Passionate about providing researchers with tools that help to highlight their impact and free their time to focus on research, Ashmita constantly monitors trends and developments in the academic space.

  • Prof. Henry M. Bwisa

    Prof. Henry M. Bwisa

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    Professor Henry Bwisa is the current chairman of the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) and Kenya’s permanent representative of the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME). He is a full professor of entrepreneurship at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. Prof. Bwisa has published extensively on entrepreneurship. He feels deeply about, and is a motivational speaker on entrepreneurship and believes that while some entrepreneurs may be born, they can also be made. He discusses his entrepreneurship school of thought on his website and his YouTube channel (Henry Bwisa).

  • Catherine Williams

    Catherine Williams

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    Catherine Williams is Head of Marketing at Altmetric. Cat is responsible for determining and overseeing the overall marketing and outreach strategy of the company, and is actively involved in the scholarly community. Prior to joining Altmetric, Cat held marketing roles at Nature Publishing Group and SAGE publications, where she worked across a range of science, social science and humanities titles.

  • Dr. Caven Mcloughlin

    Dr. Caven Mcloughlin

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    Dr. Caven Mcloughlin is a Professor of Psychology at the Kent State University, Ohio. A qualified school psychologist, Caven works at Ohio’s largest school psychology preparation program and instructs students in early childhood school psychology. For over 25 years, he has been conducting federally funded training programs for interdisciplinary leadership personnel who work with toddlers, infants, and newborns. Caven is also a Fulbright Specialist, and as part of the program, travels to different parts of the world, particularly to the BRICKS nations, to conduct informative and instructive workshops on academic publishing. Caven is a prolific researcher and has published over 100 research papers and chapters as well as written, edited, or contributed to 10 books. He is also the Editor of School Psychology International Journal.

  • Christine Miranda

    Christine Miranda

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    Christine began her career at Editage, CACTUS, 5 years ago as an academic editor for the medical and life sciences team and went on to assume the role of Managing Editor for the Editorial Centers of Excellence for Cancer Research and Allied Healthcare. Over the years, she has interacted closely with authors trying to get published in international English-language journals, and these interactions have helped her understand their publication needs and pain points. Currently, in her role as Senior Managing Editor, Christine has come to appreciate the role Editage plays in helping to bridge the gap between authors and journals. When she is not helping authors realize their publication dreams, Christine loves to listen to music, jive, and follow a rigorous fitness regimen. 

  • Danielle Padula

    Danielle Padula

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    Danielle Padula is Community Development Coordinator at Scholastica, where she heads up community outreach and content creation. Danielle manages Scholastica’s blog and social media feeds, and creates resources to help journal editors and researchers navigate the evolving journal-publishing landscape.

  • Deborah Yang

    Deborah Yang

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    Deborah holds a degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She was the associate Chairperson of the China student union of UPenn and academic leader of the UPenn college international exchange program. Deborah has worked in the academic publishing industry in the U.S. for many years and has rich experience working with top journal publishers such as NEJM, JAMA, PNAS, ASCO, ESA, and ASM etc. At Editage, she serves as the Academic Correspondent for China and regularly engages in discussion with leaders in the Chinese journal publishing industry. Deborah's goal is to help Chinese authors publish their high-quality research output effectively, thereby enabling effective communication of scientific technology and improving the international reputation of Chinese researchers.

  • Dhriti Bhattacharyya

    Dhriti Bhattacharyya

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    Dr. Dhriti Bhattacharyya, PhD, Publications Manager, Publication Support Services, Editage. Dhriti, a molecular biologist, has an overall research experience of 7 years and her specialization includes immunology, transcriptomics, proteomics, cell signaling, and RNA silencing. Her key strengths lie in research methodology, data consolidation, data interpretation, and scientifically presenting data in both written material and verbal communication. Dhriti has published articles in leading journals in her fields of research. In her current role as Publications Manager, she deals with content-related details of manuscripts from varied subject areas under the umbrella of biomedical and life sciences, and helps ESL authors produce scientifically correct and coherent manuscripts that meet the standards of leading journals in their field. Dhriti also manages the illustration service that ideates and creates the graphical presentation of scientific content.

  • Dr. Don Samulack

    Dr. Don Samulack

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    Dr. Don Samulack holds a PhD in medical physiology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and specializes in central and peripheral neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and electrophysiology. After several years of postdoctoral research in the U.S. and Canada, Dr. Samulack left the academic environment to work in the pharmaceutical service sector, conducting market research, delivering strategic communications, and designing physician affinity programs for many of Canada's leading pharmaceutical companies. As President of the U.S. Operations for Cactus Communications and Editage, Dr. Samulack is actively involved in supporting the medical writing and scientific editing needs of the pharmaceutical and academic communities and raising the level of awareness and professionalism of the medical writing community, worldwide. See his complete profile here:   

  • Dr. Nirupama Shridhar

    Dr. Nirupama Shridhar

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    Indian-born, American Public Health Researcher Dr. Nirupama Shridhar teaches at Seattle Central Community College. Her doctoral research was interdisciplinary and in the fields of gene-environment interactions and bioethics. She feels strongly about the need for more interdisciplinary research in science and is passionate about issues around social justice. She loves living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoys traveling, reading, crafting, and hanging out with her dog. Dr. Shridhar is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Rishabh Jain

    Rishabh Jain

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    Dr. Rishabh Jain completed his PhD in Materials Science at MIT and has since been trying to help other PhDs find success in their careers after grad school. He is a frequent contributor on Quora, where he writes about the research process, PhD life, and careers after graduate school. He feels strongly that PhDs are currently undervalued in the labor market, and is constantly seeking new ways to engage with the PhD population to help correct this inefficiency. He has started two research-focused companies, most recently OpenLab, a lab collaboration web tool. Rishabh is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Dr. Sun Huh

    Dr. Sun Huh

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    Dr. Sun Huh is an MD, and holds an MSc and PhD in Parasitology from Seoul National University. He is Deputy Editor of the Korean Journal of Medical Education and Editor of the Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions. He also serves as Chair for the Committee on Planning and Administration (March 2014–present) at the Korean Council of Science Editors, and prior to this was Chair for the Committee on Education and Training (Sep. 2011–Feb. 2014). He is Member and Vice-Chair of Committee of Medical Licensing Examination at the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board in Korea. He also served as a board member for the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (1996-2011) where he was dedicated to establishing medical databases for Korean medical journals such as KoreaMed, KoMCI, and Synapse. He managed the medical education system at Hallym University’s College of Medicine, where he is currently a Professor of Parasitology and is working on parasite genome sequencing. He is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Elena Milani

    Elena Milani

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    Elena Milani (AKA @biomug) is a PhD student in science communication at the University of the West of England (UK) since 2015, and her research focuses on vaccine images for advocacy shared by Twitter communities. She is also a member of the Science Communication Unit at the same university, and the founder of, an open collection of hashtags for networking in academia and science communication. Elena completed an MSc in Neuroscience (2013) and a Master in Science Communication (2014) before starting her PhD studies, however, her work experience has focused mainly on digital and visual communication. She worked as a web reputation analyst for an Italian Web Agency, and she participated in several science outreach events and scientific conferences, organizing, and moderating live tweeting.

  • Elodie Ekoka

    Elodie Ekoka

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    Elodie Ekoka is currently pursuing a PhD in molecular genetics. She is a young research scientist with interests in vector control, functional genetics, and scientific writing. In 2017, she obtained a certificate in Scientific Writing with distinction from Stanford Lagunita (an online educational initiative launched by Stanford University). In May 2018, she joined Editage Insights as a guest author, with the aim of sharing her experience with the readers. During her free time, Elodie enjoys reading books, watching TV shows or sci-fi movies, hitting the gym, and playing the piano.

  • Fouzia Nawaz

    Fouzia Nawaz

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    Fouzia Nawaz is a Senior Lecturer at the Notre Dame Institute of Education in Karachi, Pakistan, where she teaches Science Content and Method along with Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Information and Communication courses to BEd Students. Fouzia has earned two Master’s degrees – one in Zoology and another in Educational Administration and Management. She has also completed her MPhil from Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), Pakistan, in 2017. Fouzia has designed conceptualized, designed and facilitated learning courses across Pakistan as well as contributed to curriculum development for higher-level teacher-training courses. Prior to this, she gained 8+ years of experience as a professional development teacher at a community school in Karachi, and worked with AKU-IED and Professional Teacher Associations Network in Pakistan. Her research interests include teaching of science, classroom assessment, curriculum planning and development, English for academic purposes, and developing resilience.

  • Graham Cormode

    Graham Cormode

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    Graham Cormode is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Warwick. He works on research topics in data management, privacy and big data analysis. Previously, he was a principal member of technical staff at AT&T Labs-Research in the USA. His work has appeared in over 90 conference papers, and 30 journal papers. He has also edited two books on applications of algorithms to different areas, and co-authored a third. He currently serves as an associate editor for ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), and the Journal of Discrete Algorithms.

  • Yu Hailiang

    Yu Hailiang

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    Yu Hailing, PhD - Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow, University of Wollongong, Australia. Dr. Yu worked and studied in China Northeastern University and Tsinghua University. His major areas of interest include modeling and simulation in metal forming, advances in rolling technology and theories, fracture and quality control in manufacturing, and wear of materials in metal forming and manufacturing. Dr. Yu has published more than 80 papers and holds many patents. He is co-Editor-in-Chief of Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Materials Science, and Associate Editor of the journal International Research Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation as well as a member of other academic journals. Dr. Yu is a guest contributor of Editage Insights.

  • Dr. Helle V. Goldman

    Dr. Helle V. Goldman

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    Denmark-born, American anthropologist Helle V. Goldman is the long-standing Chief Editor of Polar Research, the international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal of the Norwegian Polar Institute. She enjoys living within walking distance of the NPI’s headquarters above the Arctic Circle, in Tromsø, but part of her heart lies in Africa, where she did her doctoral fieldwork and where she has a few hectares of wilderness which she visits as often as she can. She feels strongly about issues like peer review and the value added to journal publications through editing and copyediting and is proactive in discussing these issues with authors and others interested in publication. Dr. Goldmann is a guest contributor to Editage Insights. (Read more about Dr. Goldman and Polar Research in her three-part interview.)

  • Hema Thakur

    Hema Thakur

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    Hema Thakur, Associate Editor, Center of Excellence for Business and Economics, Editage. Having contributed to various magazines and blogs, Hema's interest in communication led her to her current role as an Associate Editor. While pursuing the role, she developed a passion to help non-native authors, students, and scholars publish quality research, which motivated her to develop content for them. She has an interest in the teaching profession and has taught at the undergraduate level.

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma

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    Himanshu Sharma is Publications Manager, Publication Support Services, Editage. Himanshu has extensive academic and professional qualifications, including postgraduate degrees in Biotechnology and Health Economics with over 4 years of international experience in in laboratory-based research, project management, and policy analysis. He has published several research articles and book chapter in the field of behavioral and molecular neuroscience. While at work, he engages with the author, reviews the scientific content of the manuscript, recommend journals, and provides formatting support to help them publish manuscripts in leading journals. He identifies with the client expectations and finds the transformation of a rough draft to a scientifically and grammatically sound manuscript very satisfying.

  • Hywel Curtis

    Hywel Curtis

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    Hywel Curtis is a trained physicist with a Master’s degree from the University of Exeter, and works as a communications consultant and content strategist specializing in the science and technology industry sectors. In 2016 Hywel set up to bringing cutting edge content marketing and personal branding knowledge to the communication and dissemination of research at all levels.

  • Ira Krull

    Ira Krull

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    Ira Krull is a semi-retired professor emeritus of analytical chemistry, having been on the tenured faculty at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, for almost thirty years until 2008. Throughout his career, he has been involved in analytical methods development and optimization. He has directed and pursued research in areas that require knowledge of analytical chemistry and analytical method validation, including organic photochemistry, natural products isolation, analysis for nitrosamines in foods/drugs, separations science, and mass spectrometry. He has also presented his research around the world, published extensively in journals, scientific magazines, books, editorials, and taught internationally at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He continues to review scientific papers published in analytically oriented journals and magazines. He has also published numerous columns dealing with Validation Viewpoint in LCGC North America, 1997-2010, together with a colleague, Dr. Michael Swarz. Several review papers by the author have also appeared in analytical chemistry journals and books over the years.

  • Ishani Bhattacharya

    Ishani Bhattacharya

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    Ishani Bhattacharya is Consulting Editor, Physical Sciences, Editage, Cactus Communications. She first studied Chemistry (BSc Hons) at the University of Southampton, UK, and then obtained an MSc in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate from the University of Reading in the UK. Since May 2016, she started working as an academic editor to help non-native speakers of English get published. A voracious reader, an environmental enthusiast, and a proponent of effective communication (whether to promote science or build relationships), she believes invaluable scientific work should not lose out on a worthy audience because of language barriers and hopes to aid researchers in easing the already-difficult process of finding a platform.

  • Dr Matthieu PY

    Dr Matthieu PY

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    Dr. Matthieu PY has a background in materials science and is a specialist in physical/chemical material characterization techniques using ion beams. He has experience as a researcher both in France (CEA-Léti), where he obtained his PhD in 2011, and in Japan (Kyoto University), where he stayed twice: once as a graduate student and once as a postdoctoral researcher.During his career, he was involved in the development of new international collaborations with foreign laboratories and private institutions in Europe and in Japan. Since 2013, when he became the deputy attaché for Space Science at the S&T division of the Embassy of France in Japan, Dr. PY has been heavily involved in building international relationships for S&T with Japan. In August 2014, Dr. PY took on the role of Country Representative  with EURAXESS Links Japan. He now promotes research cooperation and researcher mobility between Europe and Japan, mainly by providing customized information to researchers and research administrators and by setting up information sharing and networking platform events. Dr. Py is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Jayashree Rajagopalan

    Jayashree Rajagopalan

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    MA (English Literature), MA (Children’s Literature), ELS – Senior Writer & Editor, Scholarly Communications. Jayashree writes English-language content for the various web properties maintained by Editage. In her previous role as an academic editor at Editage, she gained a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors. While at work, she is always into finding newer ways to communicate ideas and connect with authors globally; outside work, she is an aficionado of comics, superhero sagas, children’s literature, and cinema.

  • John McDonald

    John McDonald

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    John McDonald has over 15 years of experience as an educator and trainer of academic writing and publishing skills to Korean researchers. His training sessions typically focus on organizational concerns, common errors, style and formatting, manuscript submission, and peer reviewing. 

  • Jolene Menezes

    Jolene Menezes

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    Editor, Gastrointestinal Nursing - Jolene has over 5 years of experience in academic editing and publishing. She is currently the editor of Gastrointestinal Nursing—the only journal in the UK for gastroenterology and stoma care nurses. An avid traveler and having previously worked in advertising, events, and as a radio presenter, she has a deep understanding of audience needs. Ever since she joined the journal, she has worked tirelessly to introduce research articles on current and trending topics and make the journal more relevant and visually appealing. She has built close relations with nurse groups across the UK and Europe, encouraging their members to publish scientific articles on the innovations and best practices they have implemented at their hospitals and departments. She presents workshops on writing for publication and represents the journal at various nursing conferences. She is now a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Kalpataru Mukherjee

    Kalpataru Mukherjee

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    Dr. Kalpataru Mukherjee has a PhD in Biological Sciences from Louisiana State University and has been with Editage since January 2016. He works as a Publications Manager within the PSS team at Editage. Dr. Mukherjee has a Bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University in Biotechnology and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Genetics from Vellore Institute of Technology. He worked as a project assistant at Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR-Chandigarh) before pursuing graduate studies at Louisiana State University. As a graduate student Dr. Mukherjee worked with Dr. William M. Moe and Dr. Fred A. Rainey in the field of Environmental Microbiology for his doctoral degree. He has six years of teaching experience as a Graduate teaching assistant at Department of Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University.

  • Kim Pepitone

    Kim Pepitone

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    Kim Pepitone is the Scientific Director at Cactus Communications, responsible for providing scientific direction and oversight for medical publications and communications projects. Kim has authored articles on medical publications and has presented at the annual meetings of ISMPP, the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), and The International Publication Planning Association (TIPPA). She has participated in ISMPP U(niversity) webinars as a speaker and moderator and facilitates educational workshops for CACTUS’ clients.  She is currently the Vice Chair of the ISMPP Sunshine Act Task Force.

  • Lindsey Buscher

    Lindsey Buscher

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    BA, ELS – Managing Editor, Allen Press, Inc. Lindsey has worked as a scientific and academic editor and production manager since 2006, and became BELS-certified in 2010. She is passionate about building strong, productive professional relationships with her clients and works diligently to help them communicate their research effectively and efficiently. An active member of the Council of Science Editors (CSE), she has served as Project Manager for the 8th edition of Scientific Style and Format---CSE’s official style manual. Lindsey is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Mohamad Mostafa

    Mohamad Mostafa

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    Mohamad Mostafa is a B.Sc. in Physics from Minufiya University in Egypt, and has more than 6 years’ experience in academic publishing. Having worked with Hindawi Publishing Corporation in Cairo, Egypt for several years, he moved to Knowledge E in Dubai, UAE in 2016. At Knowledge E, Mohamad's role covers initial content screening and selection, launching new series and journals, editorial processes including plagiarism and ethical standards checking and assessment, materials handling and production processing of both conference proceedings and journal articles, content indexing in the leading abstracting & indexing databases. Mohamad has delivered several workshops and talks about predatory journals, choosing the right journal, and publication ethics at universities and conferences, and has translated the Think. Check. Submit. initiative into Arabic.

  • Marisha Fonseca

    Marisha Fonseca

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    BA, ELS – Managing Editor. Marisha uses her language skills and knowledge of the best practices in the field of Psychology and Psychosocial Healthcare to help ESL authors produce clear, coherent, readable, and grammatically correct manuscripts, to meet the standards of leading journals in their field.

  • Mary Nishikawa

    Mary Nishikawa

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    For the past eight years, Ms. Nishikawa worked at the Medical Tribune, Inc. in Tokyo, as project manager, editor, writer, and foreign news analyst, where she reviewed published research articles and wrote over 50 articles for the newspaper. She has reviewed and edited research reports of professors in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.  Mary Nishikawa is a Board Certified Editor in the Life Sciences and works as an academic trainer for Cactus Communications, in Japan.

  • Mary Walton

    Mary Walton

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    Mary Walton is a professional editor and online tutor at BoomEssays ( and UK Writings services (, currently living in Santa Monica. She lived in Australia for 10 years and gained her degree in creative writing at the University of Melbourne. Her current freelance role allows her to travel around the world and take in different cultures. In her spare time, she also loves surfing, and expressing her creative side through painting. Mary’s tutoring work has allowed her to explore education in all of its guises. She’s worked with people of all ages as they’ve made their way through their educational careers, from starting to school to graduating from university.

  • Meenakshi Prabhune

    Meenakshi Prabhune

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    Meenakshi Prabhune is a researcher-turned-science-writer residing in the San Francisco Bay area. A biologist at heart, she enjoys writing about bio-related interdisciplinary topics on her blog (

  • Neha Mirchandani

    Neha Mirchandani

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    Neha enjoys collaborating with researchers worldwide to help them simplify and share their research findings with newer audiences. As Managing Editor, Research Communication Services, at Editage, she oversees operations and offers content writing and creative support. Neha is certified as an editor by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and has over 6 years of experience working with ESL authors. Outside work, Neha loves to experiment in the kitchen and create handmade gifts and greeting cards

  • Prof. Rushby

    Prof. Rushby

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    Nick Rushby, Editor in Chief, Education and Self Development, has been working in the area of educational and training technology for over 46 years.  Following a first degree in Electronic Engineering, he gained his postgraduate Diploma from Imperial College in Computer Science, specialising in artificial intelligence applications in computer assisted learning. He co-founded the training consultancy Conation Technologies in September 2001.  Nick Rushby is the author and editor of a number of books and papers on CBL and CBT.  A former editor of the British Journal of Education Technology, and now the Co-Editor in Chief of Education & Self Development, his current work focuses on helping early career researchers to get published in high quality journals.

  • Niket Bhodia

    Niket Bhodia

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    BE, ELS – Trainer, Skill and Knowledge Management. Niket is a computer engineer who chose an unconventional career over a mainstream coding job. As an academic editor, he garnered experience editing manuscripts from diverse subject areas and is now a trainer. Niket is passionate about technology and management, but he is interested in developments in other fields too. He’s particularly fond of TED talks, science fiction, and geek humor.

  • Nikhil Pinto

    Nikhil Pinto

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    Nikhil Pinto, B.Sc & M.Sc Biochemistry, is Managing Editor for the Center of Excellence for Medicine at Editage. Starting out with an interest in pure science, he moved to a career in academic editing. The field helps him satiate his hunger for knowledge in the sciences and gain satisfaction from assisting authors in transforming their research into a well presented, publication-ready manuscript.

  • Nitin Nair

    Nitin Nair

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    Managing Editor, Center of Excellence for Business and Economics. Nitin has extensive academic and professional qualifications, including postgraduate degrees in Economics, Banking, and Finance with over 7 years of international experience as an analyst in corporate and investment banking. He’s been in the academic editing industry since 2012, and finds that being part of the transformation process of a document from a rough draft to a finished, publication-ready article can be a heady and satisfying experience.

  • Ola B. Al-Batayneh

    Ola B. Al-Batayneh

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    Dr Ola Al-Batayneh is an Associate Professor in Pediatric Dentistry at Faculty of Dentistry, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). She obtained her Master degree in pediatric dentistry at the University of Queensland, Australia in 2005 and later obtained her Fellowship in pediatric dentistry from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, Sydney in 2008. She was previous Assistant Dean and Head of Department of Preventive Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry at JUST during 2012-2015, and currently Head of the Pediatric Dentistry Division at both JUST and King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH). Her research interests and publications include several topics related to pediatric dentistry such as special needs children, dental anomalies, prevention, remineralization of primary teeth, lasers and QLF. She has been a speaker in many local and international conferences on these topics.  Details about her publications are available on her ORCID profile:

  • Payman Taei

    Payman Taei

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    Payman Taei is the founder of Visme, an easy-to-use online tool to create engaging presentations, infographics, and other forms of visual content. He is also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning Maryland digital agency specializing in website design, user experience and web app development. Payman is passionate about communicating effectively and advocates the use of multiple visual formats to convey complex messages in a simple yet creative way.

  • Phil Daly

    Phil Daly

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    Phil Daly is a Senior Publisher at Wolters Kluwer Health and has over 25 years’ experience in STM editorial, managing editor and publisher roles. Phil holds a BSc (Hons) in Biophysics and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

  • Dr. Raghunath

    Dr. Raghunath

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    As Academic Research Specialist, Editage Insights, Preeti Raghunath explores trends in the academic publishing industry and opinions of key industry stakeholders in order to put together data-based reports and insightful publications. She is also currently pursuing on a PhD that critically studies communication and media policies in South Asia.

  • Dr. Radhika N.S.

    Dr. Radhika N.S.

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    Dr. Radhika N.S., PhD, Publication Manager, Publication Support Services, Editage. Radhika has over 13 years of experience working in academics and laboratory-based research. She has worked in the fields of neuroendocrinology, immunology, proteomics, genomics and yeast biology. Her core skills include design and execution of experiments, data collection and analysis, and ensuring data accuracy before journal publication. She has also published her work in renowned journals in her field. In her present role at Editage, she critiques and reviews the scientific content of manuscripts to help authors produce scientifically accurate, coherent, readable, and grammatically correct manuscripts that meet the standards of leading journals in their field. Her work also involves recommending relevant journals for authors. In her spare time, she loves reading fiction and non-fiction books and teaching Indian classical music.

  • Rasha Alam

    Rasha Alam

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    A perfectionist, Rasha uses her communication and editing skills to make certain that authors are conveying the appropriate ideas. Her two major strengths, science and writing, combined with her inherent attention to detail and dedication to ensuring the use of proper grammar, make her love her work as a scientific editor. Rasha's interest in the future of scientific research and her ambition of pursuing it gives her the unique mindset of understanding the significance of what she edits while comprehending authors' intended message.

  • Ravi Murugesan

    Ravi Murugesan

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    MS, ELS – Publishing Consultant. Ravi has nearly ten years of experience in scientific communications. Having worked in different countries and with researchers of different nationalities, Ravi has a first-hand understanding of cultural differences and how they influence a researcher’s ability to write in English. Ravi likes blogging, Linux, Moodle, MOOCs, open source software, open access journals, and good writing.

  • Remya Nambiar

    Remya Nambiar

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    Remya Nambiar is Managing Editor of the Center of Excellence for Molecular Biology at CACTUS. She has completed a post-graduate degree in microbiology as well as a post-graduate diploma in clinical research and regulatory affairs. She also holds an ELS certification from BELS. Remya has a strong passion for fundamental research and a flair for language and communication.

  • Rishibha Sachdev

    Rishibha Sachdev

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    Rishibha Sachdev, PhD, Publications Manager, Publication Support Services, Editage. Rishibha is a cell biologist with over 5 years of research experience in the field mammalian cell biology, protein misfolding, transgenics, immunological and biochemical studies. Rishibha has published in reputed international journals and is well acquainted with the nuances of the publication process. Her work at Editage involves assisting authors with writing, reviewing, selecting journals and simplifying their journey from paper to publication. She understands the challenges faced by ESL authors and finds her work as an exciting opportunity to foster global research. Apart from science, she is passionate about travel and dogs.

  • Satyajit Rout

    Satyajit Rout

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    Head, Research Communication Services, Editage. Drawing on more than 10 years of experience in the scholarly communications industry, Satyajit Rout currently heads the Research Communication portfolio at Editage, where he works with publishers, learned societies, universities, funders, and scientists to drive research impact by using enhanced content formats (graphical, audio, and audio-visual) and content styles (plain-language summaries, news stories, blog posts). When he's not working to uncomplicate science, he can be seen playing tug of war with his trusted cocker spaniel.     

  • SciDev.Net


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    SciDev.Net is a not-for-profit organization that produces news, views, and analysis about science and technology for global development. Based in London, SciDev.Net chiefly engages with advisors, consultants, policy makers, researchers, and media with a vision to make scientific knowledge accessible.

  • Shachi Gautam

    Shachi Gautam

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    Shachi Gautam is Associate Editor; Center of Excellence for Arts, Media, and Communication; Editage. In her current role, Shachi edits and reviews both academic and non-academic manuscripts, and helps young authors and researchers communicate their ideas effectively. She loves putting herself into authors’ shoes and capturing what they really mean to say. When not looking into the correct word choice for authors, Shachi can be found reading and writing about new strategies to meet publishing goals.

  • Shazia Khanam

    Shazia Khanam

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    PhD, ELS – Manager, Publication Support. Shazia works closely with researchers as part of Editage’s publication support services division and helps authors through the publication process. She is not only passionate about educating authors about the publishing process but is also keen on sharing good publication practices with them. She is also an avid cinema enthusiast and makes it a point to appreciate good quality cinema.

  • Shivanee Shah

    Shivanee Shah

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    Shivanne Shah is PhD (Immunology), ELS – Senior Publication Manager, Publication Support Services. Shivanee has over 12 years of experience in academic research, including immunology, molecular biology, stem cells, vaccine development and autoimmunity. Having been exposed to an academic research environment, Shivanee is accustomed to writing, editing, and publishing manuscripts. After joining Editage, she has built a rapport with other researchers and has helped numerous authors publish their research. She understands the publication process and the pressures associated with it, and is passionate about trying to meet client requirements to smoothen their publication experience. She is a BELS-certified editor and has assisted in publishing over 70 articles for her clients in the past 2 years. Off work she loves to read fiction novels and travel.

  • Jeffrey Beall

    Jeffrey Beall

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    Jeffrey Beall has been a librarian for more than 23 years and is currently the Scholarly Initiatives Librarian at the University of Colorado Denver. He is the man behind the famous Beall's List of Predatory Publishers and is renowned for his activities against predatory open access publishing. 

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    Sandra V. Kotsis

    Sandra V. Kotsis

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    Sandra V. Kotsis is a research associate in the Section of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. She has written articles for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of Hand Surgery, Clinical Rheumatology, and other medical journals. She is a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Sucharita Kundu

    Sucharita Kundu

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    Dr. Sucharita Kundu, PhD ELS, Academic Trainer and Team Lead, Publications Manager Group, Editage. Dr. Kundu is a published author with 616 career citations to date and is a certified member of the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS, March 2017). She has been a member of the American Association of Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) (2004-2006), the American Chemical Society (ACS) (2009-2010), and the RNA Society (2011-2013). Dr. Kundu has also taught general and organic chemistry, and biochemistry courses to undergraduate students for nearly four years as a teaching assistant and as an instructor. Dr. Kundu obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Calcutta, India, with an Honors in Chemistry; her master’s degree in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, India; and her doctoral degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of Utah, USA.

  • Sudeshna Dasgupta

    Sudeshna Dasgupta

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    Sudeshna Dasgupta is an Associate Editor with the Physical Sciences team at Editage. Over the past two years, she has worked with several ESL authors to help them publish their research in leading journals. While she has worked as a researcher in mega-scale physics projects in India and Europe, her interest in scientific communication motivated her to pursue the current role. Sudeshna holds a B.E. degree in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering and a PhD in experimental high-energy Physics.

  • Xuejun Sun

    Xuejun Sun

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    Dr. Xuejun Sun conducts research on the biological effects of gas. He has published 200+ peer reviewed papers about the effect of oxygen, hydrogen, and helium on disease injury protection. He is also associated with more than 10 international biomedicine journals as a peer reviewer and has reviewed hundreds of papers. Dr. Sun joined Medical Gas Research by Springer as Associate Editor in 2011. He has rich experience in literature review, research project designing, and manuscript writing. Dr. Sun is a guest contributor to Editage Insights. 

  • Susan J. Henly

    Susan J. Henly

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    Susan J. Henly, PhD, RN, FAAN is Editor of Nursing Research and Professor Emerita, University of Minnesota. Her research interests are psychometric methods for nursing research and health over time (health trajectories). She is the Editor of the Routledge International Handbook of Advanced Quantitative Methods in Nursing Research. 

  • Sylwia Ufnalska

    Sylwia Ufnalska

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    Sylwia Ufnalska graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, majoring both in Biology (MSc, 1993) and in English Studies (MA, 1996). She also studied at Trinity College, Dublin (Botany, 1990-1991) and Central European University in Budapest (Environmental Sciences and Policy, 1994). She has worked as a freelance translator and editor of biomedical texts for over 20 years. She also writes articles, gives lectures and leads workshops on scientific translation and communication. Sylwia is a member of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and the EASE Council. In 2009 she started to edit EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles, updated annually. Her initiative has proved to be successful, as this useful document is now available in more than 20 languages.

  • Tanya Golash-Boza

    Tanya Golash-Boza

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    Tanya Maria Golash-Boza is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California-Merced. She is the author of five books: Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach (2018), Deported (2015), Due Process Denied (2012), Immigration Nation (2012), and Yo Soy Negro: Blackness in Peru (2011), and the editor of Forced Out and Fenced In (2018). She has also published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals on deportations, race and racism, and U.S. Latinos/as and Latin America, in addition to essays and chapters in edited volumes and online venues such as Al Jazeera, The Nation, Salon, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Her innovative scholarship was awarded the 2010 Distinguished Early Career Award from the Racial and Ethnic Minorities Studies Section of the American Sociological Association. In 2013, she was awarded the UC Merced Academic Senate Award for Distinguished Scholarly Public Service. In 2016, her Deported was awarded the Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award from the Latino/a Studies Section of the American Sociological Association. She is also the creator of the blog, Get a Life, PhD, which focuses on academic success and wellbeing. She is the 2017-8 Chair of the University Committee on Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Equity Committee for the University of California Senate and served on the Executive Council of the American Sociological Association from 2014 to 2017.

  • Tarryn Greenberg

    Tarryn Greenberg

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    Tarryn Greenberg, Senior Publisher, Open Access, is responsible for developing and executing the strategy for the Wolters Kluwer Open Health Gold Open Access publishing program. Tarryn joined Wolters Kluwer Health in June 2016 from Cambridge University Press, where she served as a Senior Commissioning Editor for 4 years in their STM Publishing Group. Her experience in STM publishing spans many areas of the business, including, editorial, production, relationship building, acquisitions and launching new journals. Prior to joining Cambridge University Press, Tarryn gained her publishing experience working for Future Science Group in various editorial positions. 

  • Dr. Thomas Crouzier

    Dr. Thomas Crouzier

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    Dr. Crouzier has extensive research experience in the fields of biomaterials and assembly of biopolymers. He has authored 20 publications and holds several patents. Since the age of seven, he has moved back and forth between his home country of France and the United states. His last experience involves a 3-year postdoc at MIT (Cambridge, MA, U.S.). where he was a Marie Curie Fellow. Well involved in the academic life of the Institute, he served as president of the postdoctoral association. He is a passionate science advocate and combats the imposter syndrome sadly so common amongst young researchers. A passion for new technologies has also led Dr. Crouzier to start a blog ( about new online tools that are revolutionizing the way science is done in academia. He writes to promote the use of these new tools and project researchers into the 21st century. He is now also a proud guest contributor to Editage Insights. 

  • Tim van der Zee

    Tim van der Zee

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    Tim van der Zee started in 2015 as a PhD candidate at Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON). Earlier he obtained a Masters in Psychology of Human Learning and Performance. He studies how people learn from educational videos in open online education, such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), and focuses specifically on increasing the instructional design quality and educational value of these videos. His position is funded by CEL (Centre of Education and Learning), a collaboration between the universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam. In addition to his research on improving the educational quality of online videos, he is a vocal advocate of pre-registration, open science, and other efforts aimed at improving the quality of the scientific literature. Tim actively tweets about his views and research (@Research_Tim), and maintains an informative personal blog ( 

  • Vani J. Shanker

    Vani J. Shanker

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    PhD, ELS – Senior Scientific Editor, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Vani has 16 years of experience in the scientific editing and publishing industry. She dovetails her sound knowledge of science with her language skills to present information accurately and clearly to the research community. Vani is currently an authors’ editor at a pediatric research hospital in Memphis, TN, and helps world-renowned researchers and physicians with their submissions to journals and funding agencies. She is a member of the American Medical Writers Association and the Council of Science Editors and a guest contributor to Editage Insights.

  • Velany Rodrigues

    Velany Rodrigues

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    MA, ELS – Communications Consultant. Velany, a professional writer, trainer, and BELS-certified editor with over eight years of industry experience, is known for her tireless pursuit of excellence and sharp eye for detail. Through her passion for the written word, she helps authors communicate effectively. She is also known for the energy and enthusiasm she brings on board.

  • Vipul Manchala

    Vipul Manchala

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    Associate Editor, Centre of Excellence for Engineering and Technology. Vipul is a postgraduate in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He performed industrial energy audits before becoming an academic editor. Vipul finds it a rewarding task to help authors get published and disseminate their research.

  • Virendra Naik

    Virendra Naik

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    MSc, ELS – Manager, Publication Support. Virendra helps authors understand various aspects of publication right from selecting suitable journals to manuscript submission in scientific and technical journals. He solves any technical, ethical, or formatting issues that authors face during the publishing process. With ample experience in handling manuscripts from the physical sciences, the life sciences, and biomedicine, Virendra brings a well-trained eye to the job.

  • Wolters Kluwer

    Wolters Kluwer

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    This content has been compiled by a group of authors from Wolters Kulwer.

  • Yateendra Joshi

    Yateendra Joshi

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    Communicator, Published Author, BELS-certified editor with Diplomate status. Yateendra applies his prolific experience as author, editor, trainer, and communicator to his role as a publishing consultant with Editage. He is one of the regular contributors to Editage Insights. He specializes in providing tips for manuscript and artwork preparation for researchers aspiring to publish in English-language journals.

  • Yukti Bharwani

    Yukti Bharwani

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    MSc, ELS – Senior Managing Editor, Publication Support . Yukti manages Editage’s Publication Support division. She is passionate about consulting Editage clients on what is best for their publication requirements and thrives on challenges such as fitting a manuscript in a niche subject area to an appropriate journal. She believes that Editage can serve as a bridge between Eastern authors and Western journals. Her other interests are yoga, writing, and the culinary arts.