Q: Are there any gifted and talented student experts available?

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I am interested in the area of gifted and talented students. Are there any such?

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Your question is not very clear. Are you looking for gifted and talented students to collaborate with? Are you looking for experts on gifted and talented students? (Conversely, are you looking for gifted and talented experts on students?) Or are you looking to do a study on gifted and talented students or student experts?

In case you are looking to collaborate, you may wish to check out Researcher Voice, our FB group that has researchers, academics, and scholars from across the world. You may post your query there, and perhaps someone who is interested may get back to you. Here is the link to the group: Researcher Voice

For tips on collaboration, you may refer to this resource: 4 Effective networking tips for early career researchers

If however you are looking to do a study on experts or students, it is best to begin with a literature search. Find out all about doing an effective literature search through this article: Effective literature searching

For any other help or information related to research and research publishing, you may look up the site using the right keywords.

Hope that helps. And also hope you find what you are looking for. :-)