Q: Are there any rapid publication journals in environmental science or chemistry that are indexed by ISI?

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Are there any rapid/ quick publication journals (giving acceptance letter for publications within a week) that are indexed by ISI both paid and free in the field of environmental science or chemistry? Thanks.

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If I understand your query, you are looking for target journal for your manuscript that is indexed in Thomson ISI and has a short review time of one week. We wish to explain that one of the most important factors to be considered while selecting the target journal is to check and see if the manuscript is within the aim and scope of your target journal. Hence the journal guidelines need to be carefully read and the manuscript content needs to be critically evaluated.


We will not be able to recommend a suitable journal without an assessment of the manuscript considering that environmental science or chemistry is a vast subject area. Also, most Thomson ISI indexed journals have approximately a review period of 2-3 months. Finding a journal with a review time of just one week should be extremely challenging.


To find the right target journal, you can try out the following:

  1. Talk to your professor or a colleague.
  2. Shortlist journals matching the subject area of your article and see if the review times are available on the journal webpage.
  3. Check the kind of readership the journal has.
  4. Use pubshub (https://journalsandcongresses.pubshub.com/) tofind out the review timeline.


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