Q: Are there any restrictions on submitting to the APA if the IRB exemption is received?

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I am working on a doctoral dissertation. I am going to conduct a survey on an unspecified number of people through quantitative research. For demographic questions, I would like to ask about gender, age, region, marriage, and education. I would like to know the following.

  • If the above is the case, can I get an institutional review board (IRB) exemption?
  • Are there any restrictions on submitting to the American Psychological Association (APA) if the IRB (review) exemption is received?
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As your research involves human subjects and is intended to be published, it would be rare to obtain IRB exemption. However, even in the rare scenario that such a study becomes exempt, the study may still need to be submitted to the IRB for review. If you intend to submit the study to a journal, we recommend consulting the specific journal you intend to submit your study to, for further information with regard to the submission process for exempt studies. You may do this through a presubmission inquiry.

Hope that helps. All the best for your survey/study!