Q: Are there any websites to help avoid plagiarism while writing?

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Which is the best website I can use to avoid plagiarism while writing?

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I believe what you mean is ‘tool,’ rather than ‘website.’ That is, which tool or platform you could use to detect and thus avoid plagiarism in your manuscript. If so, there are a couple of established tools, iThenticate and TurnItIn, with the former being more popular. You could visit their websites to find out which would be more suitable for you.

If you meant a website that offers some sort of guidance on how you can avoid plagiarism in your writing, you could of course refer to ours. We have several resources, including a course, that provide the requisite guidance. We have linked a few below (at the end of this response). For others, you may look up the site using the appropriate keywords such as ‘plagiarism’ and ‘avoid plagiarism.’

And something that combines the two offerings is our anti-plagiarism service. You may find out more here: Plagiarism Check

Now, would just like to a add a couple of points.

  • You need to be concerned only if the percentage identified is above a certain threshold and in certain sections. For instance, you cannot at times help duplication in Methods and References as methods are usually standardized and References need to mention names of articles, journals, and books, which are identified as instances of duplicate content by the tool.
  • On the journal side, while editors employ plagiarism-detection tools of their own (on receiving a manuscript), they also use their discretion in determining the fate of a manuscript based on this.

All the same, it’s great that you are conscious of steering clear of this and also conscientious as a researcher. Integrity is one of the essential attributes of a researcher. So, props there!

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