Q: Are there scientific communities for the humanities?

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Do scholars of the humanities also have their own scientific communities - to check, share, and discuss the studies conducted within their fields?

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There are indeed communities of researchers in the Humanities. Many universities have communities comprising researchers from their faculty. Institutions funding research may also host or foster such communities. There are also several ‘communities of practice,’ where researchers engage with each other and collaborate on or exchange ideas.

We offer a community platform ourselves, though not specifically for the Humanities, but for researchers/academics/scholars from all fields. This is through our Facebook group, Researcher Voice. Also, as much as studies and work, the group is about sharing experiences. Check it out here: Researcher Voice

Hope that helps. On this site yourself, for more insights and information into discussion and collaboration, you may refer to the following resources:

All the best for connecting with other (Humanities) scholars out there!