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This article discusses findings from a recent survey on how COVID-19 has affected the lives of PhD supervisors.
How COVID-19 has caused anxiety and sleeplessness in PhD supervisors in the UK
The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees, with the accompanying deluge of disinformation only making matters worse. However, a report by Nature revealed that…
Scientists speaking about Covid-19 face disturbing abuse and threats
Hijacked journals have come back into focus recently, and they can cause more damage than predatory journals to the scholarly record. Learn what they are and how to…
What you need to know about hijacked journals
Here's a list of podcasts that will help you understand how to practice self-care and take steps toward achieving mental well-being.
Top 10 well-being podcasts for researchers
Yateendra Joshi recommends a list of interesting and practical resources on academic writing for researchers.
Top 10 books and other resources on academic writing for researchers
The list of Nobel Prize winners for the year was awarded to researchers who had made some fundamental advances, but many in the scientific community were surprised to…
This International Open Access Week, we bring you an R Discovery-powered Ask Me Anything (AMA) on open access! We invited a panel of industry experts to answer questions…
We normally focus on the challenges a peer reviewer has to face, such as a lack of recognition and high demands on time. However, being a peer reviewer also comes with…
Peer Review Week 2021 was an activity-packed event for the Editage Insights team. We review all that was done, learnt, and shared during and after the event.
Have you always wanted to learn more about any aspects of open access publishing but never had the chance? This Open Access Week, we bring you an exciting opportunity to…