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While the significance of peer review itself cannot be contested, the fact remains that there are critical challenges around peer review. These challenges could hamper…
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  • September 25, 2020
Peer review: A bird's eye view
Valeria Mazzon is the Chief Executive Officer of ReviewerCredits. Valeria has over 20 years’ experience in the Marketing & Communication sector, most of which in the…
ReviewerCredits: Bringing about positive disruption in scholarly publishing
In some cases it may be challenging to remain patient if the review process is delayed, and critical comments may be disappointing after the substantial effort invested…
Trust in peer review: 5 Researchers share their experiences
I must admit that as a young academic, receiving a decision from a journal stirs up some strong emotions. With trembling hands I read the editor’s decision: Major…
How the Monster Jury helped me deal with peer review better
This article explores how authors and reviewers can make a difference to the quality of peer review by making the right choices, maintaining integrity, and having their…
How can authors and reviewers rebuild trust in peer review? By making ethical, informed choices
Each time I agree to review, I remember that first time, feeling like a scholarly impostor. Instead of letting it slow me down, I use it to shape my goals as a reviewer.
Overcoming impostor phenomenon as a peer reviewer
How did organic matter reach the Earth in the first place? One way to ponder this question is by observing the distribution and abundance of complex organic molecules in…
Scientists confirm presence of acetonitrile in distant interstellar gas cloud
An exchange of genetic material that occurred when ancient giant viruses infected ancient eukaryotic cells could have caused the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell—its…
In ancient giant viruses lies the truth behind evolution of nucleus in eukaryotic cells
Most researchers gain experience as a peer reviewer when they start reviewing papers themselves. The quality of peer review can have an impact of the trust that journal…
Can peer review training foster trust in the research process?
Trust is at play at various touchpoints of interactions among editors, researchers, and reviewers. Therefore, this is also where there is a potential for trust to be…