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Scientific writing requires the use of many symbols. It is important to understand the standard style conventions associated with using symbols to avoid…
Do you want to know how to make your communication catchy and engaging? Here are seven tips to help you. 
Seven secrets of stylish academic writing
Mistakes in representing numbers and units of measurement can leave scope for misinterpretation of your data. This article will help you understand the common mistakes…
In writing a research paper, you mention, or cite, papers written by other researchers. For example, instead of describing in detail the method you used, you simply…
Confused about how to use the Chicago Manual of Style or Scientific Style and Format when preparing your manuscript?We will soon host a video prepared by experts from…
This article explains some points of style in scientific writing related to using negative exponents in expressing rates.
Tips on using negative exponents while expressing rates in scientific writing
Why it is important to fomat headings clearly and consistently? This post explains how appropriately formatting the headings increases the readability and clarity of the…
Tips on using major headings, subheadings, minor headings in research papers
Science Research Writing is a practical and handy guide for non-native authors who want to write research papers in English.
Discusses the three non-SI units mentioned in the title (psi, mesh number, and quintals) and supplies appropriate conversion factors.
This post discusses the minutiae of expressing rates (kilometres per hour, grams per litre, etc.) using negative exponents and the slash.