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Did you know that you can avoid some of the most common reasons for journal rejection by paying attention to a few details while writing and submitting your research…
Tips to avoid journal rejection [Free e-book for researchers]
Google Scholar is a tool researchers commonly use for conducting literature searches. This post shares eight great tips to help make your Google Scholar search more…
8 Winning hacks to use Google Scholar for your research paper
Studying English grammar will probably help you eliminate many common errors of grammar from your writing—but it is unlikely that, as a researcher, you will actually…
Avoid the most common errors of grammar in research papers
Tired of all those irrelevant hits you get when you search for a term in an online search engine? In this post, I'll share three simple yet effective ways to ensure that…
How to make Web searches more precise
A brief review of the scope and special features of a new learner's dictionary from Oxford University Press, meant for learners of academic English.
 English for academic writing: A helpful dictionary for researchers
Transparency in reporting of research is essential for providing enough information about how the work was performed to allow others to replicate it. This post takes a…
Transparency in research and reporting: Expanding the effort through new tools for authors and editors
Having written a paper for submission to a chosen journal, you will need to write something more, namely a letter or an e-mail addressed to the editor of the target…
A guide to effective academic communication for non-native speakers of English
Science demands precision, and part of mastering a subject involves learning the exact differences between words that mean more or less the same thing. An entomologist,…
There are many books on the topic of scientific and research writing, but most researchers hardly have the time to delve into such books. If only there was something…
Science Research Writing is a practical and handy guide for non-native authors who want to write research papers in English.