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ChatGPT, an AI chatbot released by tech company OpenAI is making immense foray in academia. The authorship of research papers and preprints are being credited to the…
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As we celebrate Peer Review Week 2022, we ask experts to reflect on how celebrating Peer Review Week has created an impact in scholarly communications or academia. 
The academic community is actively trying out new models, signaling hope and change in the way peer review is conducted. This article lists some of the initiatives and…
Researchers’ struggle with academic writing is a well-recognized problem in academia and research shows that lack of time and stress or anxiety are the root cause of the…
Bullying is something that everybody understands is bad, but it remains rife in many fields, including in medicine, the military, and primary or secondary education…
It is no secret that academia has a dark, expansive history of bullying. Over the past few years, a growing body of evidence has suggested an alarming rate of bullying…