Video: Authors beware: Avoid falling prey to predatory journals and bogus conferences

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Authors beware: Avoid falling prey to predatory journals and bogus conferences

Part four of the conversation between Dr. Donald Samulack, President US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, in conversation with Dr. Anne Woods, Chief Nursing Officer at WKH, and Shawn Kennedy, Editor in Chief, American Journal of Nursing

Here, the discussion centers on predatory publishers, journals, service providers, and conferences. Shawn talks about her experience receiving authorship invitations from predatory journals and adds that the open access model also played a part in increasing the number of predatory publishers. Dr. Samulack talks about how the emergence of predatory publishers had eroded the trust underlying research publishing and how authors should be guarded when publishing. Shawn states that the best thing to do is to seek out a university librarian to identify the right journal. She also shares some useful tips for identifying predatory journals or conferences.

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