Q: Can a conference paper be submitted to a journal?

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I want to know if a paper presented at the ECCE conference can be submitted to a journal? In case it can be submitted, how much of it should I revise and what percentage of the content can be the same as the ECCE paper?

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When a paper is presented at a conference, it is generally not complete. The general practice is to present a preliminary analysis at the conference and reserve the detailed analysis for a full paper. The purpose of presenting your research at a conference is to inform people about your study and get feedback from them. So once you receive the inputs, you might want to incorporate them in your paper. Thus, the paper that you will submit to the journal will definitely be an improved and a more detailed version of the one you presented at the conference.

Regarding the extent and nature of revisions, it is advisable to change the title so that people do not confuse the conference paper for the journal paper or vice versa. Additionally, make all the enhancements based on the feedback of the conference review process and the discussion at the conference. Since conference papers generally state the preliminary results, include any new results in your journal paper. The percentage of revision required may be field specific and journal specific, but a minimum of 30 per cent revision is a must in most cases. Carefully go through the submission policy for previously published conference papers that are usually provided under author guidelines and make sure your paper follows all the guidelines.

Answer: It is very common to present the findings of your unpublished manuscript at conferences. It is usually advisable to include a disclaimer while presenting the poster or the talk that the data is unpublished. While submitting the findings in a manuscript to a journal, the journal might ask if the data has been presented in a conference. This information must be provided to the journal at the submission stage. Many conferences publish their proceedings in specific journals. Therefore, it is usual to change the title of the manuscript being submitted and include revisions or additional data that might have been suggested at the conference.
Answer: OK,...What if you submit a short paper, published in a conference proceedings, on the topic you gave a presentation on...My priority is to have that paper published in a journal, since proceedings papers are not widely circulated & as accessible...So, do I have to make a choice of one to publish in, or (hopefully) can I do both?...Thank you...JB