Q: Can anyone help me identify any pieces of literature for my comparative article about the history of the Iliad?

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Does anyone know of any piece of literature that uses the same (or similar) story, plot, and characters of the Iliad? The only ones that come to my mind are contemporary, like Age of Bronze, Ilium, and The Rage of Achilles. I am trying to write a comparative article about the history of the Iliad as a literary topic and am trying not to miss any work.

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We shared this with a few of our internal literature experts, and here’s what one of them had to say…

As far as ancient literature is concerned, Virgil’s Aeneid is the closest to the Iliad in terms of storyline and characters. The plot includes the story of the Trojan war. Also, Aeshcylus’s Agamemnon, the first of The Oresteian Trilogy, includes some of the characters in the Iliad. Homer’s Odyssey too has some of the characters from the Iliad, but of course, the storyline/plot is completely different.

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