Q: Can frequency count and percentages be used as statistical tools to analyze research data?

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A national science education conference was held in my country where experts from various institutions gathered to brainstorm. In this conference, many participants were of the opinion that using frequency count and percentages to analyze research data are too simple and should be disallowed for an academic paper. Is it wrong to use these tools to analyze research data?

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While it is not wrong to use frequency count and percentages as statistical tools, these techniques are no longer considered reliable to draw a conclusion. The power of confidence in drawing an inference or conclusion based on the frequency count and percentages is very poor.


Therefore, it is better to use t-tests, one-way analysis of variance along with descriptive statistics to check the statistical validity of your experiments.


If you need further help with conducting the statistical analysis, you might find benefit in availing to a professional publication support services, for example, Editage’s Statistical Review Service.


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