Q: Can I ask for a correction of the numbers of figures and tables in the author proof?

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My manuscript was accepted, and I have received the author proof. In it, I found that the number[s] in the Methods section and the number of figures and tables do not match each other. I have heard that typographical errors can be corrected. However, can I also ask the numbers of figures and tables to be corrected?

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Firstly, congrats on the acceptance and on receiving the author proof! Your manuscript is now very close to publication. It’s also great that you are careful/concerned about ensuring a perfect piece goes into publication, which is as it should be and why journals have the proofing stage. It’s technically the last chance to get your article completely right before it gets published.

However, it’s not entirely clear whether you mean simply the numbering of the figures and tables in the manuscript or the numbers (data) in the figures and tables. We sense it’s the former. In which case, it should be ok with bringing up this issue. After all, it would be better to bring this up and have it changed now rather than later, when the article is published. :)

Hope that eases your concern. For more help with what you can and need to check for during the proofing stage, you may find it worthwhile to go through the following queries by other researchers:

All the best for closing the proofing and taking your article toward publication!