Q: Can I correct an error in my manuscript after it has been submitted?

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I have just resubmitted my revised manuscript. However, I found a mistake in the manuscript after resubmitting it. I want to correct the placement of one sentence. I am not sure whether my paper will be accepted, but is there any chance that I can correct the error? Please advise me.

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In some journal submission systems, it is possible to make corrections to the files you have submitted. You can visit the submission page and try clicking on the submission number. You might be able to make corrections directly or might be able to replace the existing file with a revised one. Once you do this, the journal system might show your submission status as "Updated." If you do not find any such option, you could visit the FAQ page of the journal and see if you find some solution to your problem there.

If you cannot find any way of making the correction online, you will have to write to the editor and inform him/her about the error. Mention your manuscript id, manuscript title, and the page number and paragraph in which the error occurs. Also, explain what correction you wish to make and why. I'm sure the editor will reply to your mail very soon.