Q: Can I have a sample email for a presubmission inquiry?

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As my research is in interdisciplinary fields, I’m not sure if the contents of my manuscript match the scope of the target journal. Therefore, in order to save time, I’m going to make an inquiry to the journal before submission. I know that I should inform them of the title and the abstract, but can I have any sample email of a presubmission inquiry?

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Sending a journal a presubmission inquiry is a very wise and practical thing to do. It saves time, effort, and frustration. In case you know one journal is not interested, you can then quickly submit to another journal instead of submitting it without inquiring and then waiting for it to be archived or withdrawn.

We do have an informative article around making a presubmission inquiry: How to write a presubmission inquiry

A template though is available only in this paid course: A practical handbook of templates for communicating with the journal

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