Q: Can I include a case previously published by me in my case series?

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I have a case report published previously in a journal. I am preparing a case series of 7 cases and want to include the previously published case since it is relevent to the current series. Can i do that legally? How do i proceed? what all permissions and acknowledgements do i need to put forth?

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It is fine to include a case report that you have published in your case series. However, please write to the journal you have published it in and seek their permission to do so. Tell them how you plan to include it in your case series as this will ensure that there are no copyright issues later. I would also suggest you discuss this with your supervisor or an experienced colleague since they would have a more in-depth understanding of your work and would be able to advice you specifically. 

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Hi Anoop, did you manage to find an answer to this question? Were you able to reuse the case in your case series? I am having the same concern.