Q: Can I include an article on my CV that mentions that I participated in a study group?

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I participated in a study group, after which an article appeared where the last position stated "on behalf of study group." Can I consider this article like an ISI one? Can I use this kind of article in my CV, in a list of article[s] with the main author?

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Some parts of your question were not very clear. So, we have edited them for greater clarity.

Based on what we understand, we’d like to respond on two fronts.

Mentioning that you participated in a study group

There is no mention of your academic or scholastic level or experience here. If you are inclined toward research or are a new/junior researcher, taking part in a study might help provide you experience and insights for when you conduct studies yourself. If so, that might help including on your CV. In case you’re planning to participate in more studies, you could include this as one collective item, such as ‘Have participated in several studies to gain experience for when I conduct my own experiments.’ In such a case though, what would help even more is if you become/were a moderator in some of these studies, assist(ed) the researcher, and eventually, conduct(ed) some studies yourself.

If however you are not in research or are not intent on pursuing research, it may not be relevant to include this experience (unless there is a reason that’s not clear through the information you have provided, such as you being an intern and doing this as part of your internship with some researcher).

‘Using this article’ in your CV

It’s not clear what you mean by this. If the above, then you can proceed as discussed, by providing a link to the article and mentioning that you were a participant in the study.

If however, you plan to include this article as an author, note that that would be unethical to do. There are four criteria necessary to be identified as a research author. Go through these authorship criteria here. In case someone is not an author but has contributed in some way to the development of the paper (other than being a participant), there are guidelines defining that too. Go through these non-author contributor guidelines here.

Please consider all the above points carefully and proceed accordingly.

It may also help to go through the following resources: