Q: Can I mention my affiliation in the manuscript which will be submitted to a journal that has double blind peer review?

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I’m going to submit a manuscript to a journal which performs double blind review. Can I mention “I got an approval from the ethics committee of XX university” in the manuscript? This is the university where I belong, so it means that I need to mention my affiliation partially. Is that acceptable unless I do not mention further details like department or laboratory?

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Journals that have a double blind review process usually ask for the title page (with author names and affiliations) to be separated from the manuscript and submitted as a separate file.

In the absence of specific guidance from the journal that tells you to do otherwise, it is advisable to assume that you should avoid mentioning your affiliation or other personal information in the main manuscript itself unless the journal expressly permits (or requires) this.

Regarding ethical declarations in the manuscript, once again, since we’re talking about a double blind review journal, you can mention these details in the separate file as well instead of your main manuscript.

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