Q: Can I pitch my study results to media and submit my paper to a journal at the same time?

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Is it okay to pitch your study results to media (abstract only) while simultaneously submitting a paper to a journal?

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Authors do not generally initiate discussions with the media for press releases of their study results as this could go against the university/institution's laws. Additionally, there might be some kind of conflict of interest involved that scientists/authors are unaware of. Usually, every lab or institution has a communications office that takes care of press releases.

It is best to follow norms and approach the communications office of your institution and let them get in touch with the media about the press release. Even if you wish to contact the media directly about your study results, you would need to take prior approval from the university/institution.

Additionally, it not at all advisable to pitch your results to the media before your paper has been accepted for publication. You should wait until you have received an acceptance letter from the journal and then speak to your supervisor or the communications office of your lab/department about the press release.

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