Q: Can I publish my action research in your journal?

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I need to publish my article. Is it possible to publish my action research? If so, can I receive certification for this?

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Hello Ma Celeste – Welcome to the forum.

It’s great to know that you have completed an action research paper. This seems to suggest that you are in a field such as training, teaching, or sociology.

However, please note that Editage Insights is not a journal. We are a platform providing resources, information, and support to researchers and academics. So, while we cannot publish your paper, we can provide resources that help and guide you in doing so, as we have done here.

The best way to proceed would probably be that you search for a relevant journal, either online or through a scientific database such as DOAJ or Scimago, and using the tips we have provided above, submit to a suitable target journal.

And in case you need help with editing or any services related to submitting and publishing your paper, you may of course check out the wide suite of services offered by Editage here. As you spoke about certification, you do get a certificate of the editing work done by Editage.

Hope that helps. All the best for your submission!