Q: Can I resubmit a rejected paper to the same journal as the editor unable find suitable reviewers?

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I submitted a paper to a journal with suggested reviewers, after 6 months the paper got rejected as they were unable to find suitable reviewers including the reviewers I suggested so that they must reject it.

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It is an unfortunate situation to have your paper rejected for a lack of available reviewers. In fact, it is widely acknowledged that journals are increasingly facing a reviewer crunch. If your list of reviewers is different from the original list you had provided, you can try resubmitting your manuscript to the same journal. First, you could contact the journal editor and provide some background about the situation. If the editor agrees, you can surely go ahead and resubmit your manuscript with the new reviewer suggestions. If the editor does not agree, you can submit it to a new journal. However, if you are planning on resubmitting the manuscript with the original reviewer list, I am not sure if their availability would change (irrespective of the journal you choose).

* Please check that your paper is up to date in terms of literature and novelty of your findings, given that 6 months have passed since the last submission. It is a good idea to revisit the manuscript and ensure that it is polished for language and clarity as well.