Q: Can I use the method used in another paper for my paper?

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I have implemented a paper related to my application. The authors of that paper have reported results for a dataset. I have implemented the same work (method) and taken results for other available datasets. Will it be novel? Can I write a journal paper based on this?

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Yes, you can reuse the method used in another paper for your paper. Also you can reuse following thesis my method. At: https://lnkd.in/fg3pm27 in thesis file media people finds out- The Universe & Everything. Scientists finds out above 100 new discovery, discovery above 100 unsolicited answering of the Questions. Students found- Education Innovate about the Universe & Cosmology. People found- Real History of the Universe & Cosmology.



It seems you have done a replication study, which uses the method of an existing study to confirm whether it yields the same results in your study. You have gone a step further and applied it to other datasets. This is also a validation of the other author's work. Replication studies are important because a requisite of any research is that it be reproducible. In fact, it is admirable that you chose to undertake such a study, because most researchers choose to focus on novel research. However, while novelty is required in research, so is validity, and a replication study allows you to test that. Do note though that not many journals prefer to publish replication studies for the same reason that they do not offer anything new. So, while you can go ahead and write a paper, do look for journals that publish replication studies in order to increase your chances of acceptance.

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