Q: Can I revise other parts of my manuscript even if the revision was not requested by the reviewers?

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After submitting my manuscript, I received major revision. In one of the comments, the reviewer asked me to discuss a certain result. In the discussion, I noticed that it would be more accurate to refer to the methods used rather than the compounds used. If I replace the compounds with the methods, I need to change it in the results section too. This change was not requested by the reviewer but I think that doing so will make the result and its discussion more accurate. Can I do such revisions? And how to indicate it in the response letter?

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Yes, it is acceptable to make other revisions to your paper, even those not recommended by the reviewer, provided that these revisions will not result in changes to your study purpose, design, findings, and outcomes. As long as your suggested change does not impact any of these, it should be okay.

In the response letter, after you have responded to the reviewers' specific comments, you can add a few lines explaining any other changes that you have made and why these were necessary.

All the best with your resubmission!