Q: Can I submit a case report after publishing an original article including the case?

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I wrote an original article about the postoperative results of about 20 cases, and it was accepted. Among these cases, there is a case that has taken a course worth reporting. Would it be ethically acceptable to separately report it as a case report?

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Thank you for your question.

While it would be acceptable to separately report your findings of the one patient as a case report, please ensure that the introduction and discussion sections of your original article and new case report are different. Moreover, when submitting your case report to a journal, in the cover letter, please do inform the editor-in-chief about the same: you can mention how the case report is based on findings from a published original article and how it is different from the same. Finally, if you are repeating information (background and discussion) from the original article in the case report, please ensure that you provide adequate reference citations.